We don't know about you, but for us summer feels like music.

There is music everywhere during warm summer Hvar months and we must admit that we honestly enjoy the variety of it. There is music of nature, sea waves and crickets, there are classical concerts, there are electronic floor busters, there are sounds of guitars from young crowds at the beaches (yes, that custom is still alive and well!), and there's everything and anything in between.

For us, music is the hallmark of luxury and enjoyment, just like light, architecture and design are. And many of the villas in our roster have premium, high-quality sound systems. More than that, if you checked our web-site (and you totally should, the villas we have will totally blow your mind, heart and soul), you may have seen that we try our best to give you the overview of the villa, its distinctive vibe, energy, what makes it special. We provide a lot of photos, we tell you a story of how each of them came to be, but so far, we have never tried to match them with a piece of music. Until now!

So, grab a glass of wine, a champagne (or a cocktail, it's summer after all), and get to know our finest villa selection, paired with music.

Villa Chaos 🎧 Jose Feliciano: Light My Fire

Chaos was one of the best pieces of news in 2018, exciting on the inside as well as on the outside. It bears the name Chaos for a reason – it reminds us of "the nothingness that all else sprung from" and a god who filled the gap between Heaven and Earth. An extraordinary place to stay at indeed. Light my fire was the perfect choice for this beauty – it sure will light you up!

Villa Nereus 🎧 Neil Richardson: Riviera Affair

A gentleman with a refined sense of charm and joie de vivre once came to our island. He fell hopelessly in love with the town of Hvar and decided to buy a house by the sea that will become a wonderful fusion of the French Riviera and Dalmatian dreams, an ode to the modern Mediterranean. Riviera Affair is a nod to a better, more refined times. Just like Nereus is by its nature.

Villa Hermes Blue 🎧 Air: La Femme d'argent

Last year brought to us two similar villas, Hermes Blue and Hermes Green. Similar, but different. The luxury, location, interiors... are the same. Attention to detail? The same in both villas. But, Hermes Blue has that distinct feel like floating in the waves. Or in the sky, the choice is yours. Can't imagine such a beauty? Turn on Air's sounds – they will move you right into Hermes Blue's terrace, with that perfect view...

Villa Heracles 🎧 L'Imperatrice: Sonate Pacifique

Once upon a time, there was Heracles, who lived on land, but he loved all things of beauty, including the sea. Heracles planned to build a house on the island of Vis. One day, he sailed away from Vis to the nearby island of Hvar. He reached the cliffs on the south side of Hvar, looked around, and stayed. Sonate Pacifique perfectly describes this feeling of finally founding that hidden beauty, and a piece of that perfect world.

Villa Hera 🎧 Christophe: Aline

Hera positioned herself at the heights of the island where she enjoys marvelous sea views from her stone terraces surrounded by the shades of the magical color spectrum and fragrances that exist only in heaven and on Hvar. Everyone is in love with Hera, but beautiful Hera is in love with Zaraće. This song has everything Hera has: both class and sass, and just a little teeny tiny touch of blues.

Villa Eos 🎧 Moby: This wild darkness

Humac has unusual energy, it is a rare contemplative jewel on this planet of ours. Eos has all of that, and then some. A magical property isolated from the outside world, surrounded by enchanting landscapes, spectacular views and divine silence interrupted only by the sounds of iconic nature. We chose Moby as a perfect companion to this strange piece of beauty.

Villa Plutus 🎧 Supertramp: Goodbye Stranger

The villa was named after Plutus, god of wealth, and rightfully so. Plutus is a high-end villa, built on a royal location – beneath a century-old pine forest, above the town. Plutus has a view of Hvar, the dreamy Pakleni Islands, and the blue open seas. Supertramp is chosen to help you envision what Plutus stands for – and its immense energy.

Villa Atlas 🎧 Pete Josef: Colour

A wonderful example of contemporary architecture, Atlas is designed with special attention to details and intention to maximize living experience, simultaneously offering its visitors designer furniture, lightning, and artwork. The beach and the town are within walking distance of the villa. Plus, it has one of the coolest views ever. We love it. Pete Josef almost wrote this song about our Atlas.

Villa Arete 🎧 LESLEY GORE: You don't own me

Do you know the feeling of being totally different from others? Arete knows this feeling well, and if you don’t know it already, it will be clearer to you once you meet Arete. Arete lives on the outskirts of the town of Hvar, has a killer view, and is completely different from others. Arete has its own story, and an attitude to match. That's why we chose this song of rebellion to accompany it.

Villa Geras 🎧 4 Hero: Les Fleur

Villa Geras has fantastic, highly stylized spaces filled with amazing details. It is unbelievably cozy and comfortable at the same time. Palace breathes luxury but doesn’t lack warmth either. Add to that its strong personality and you got yourself a whole package. Warmth and style – just like this piece of music we're choosing to accompany it.

Villa Prometheus 🎧 Toto: Georgy Porgy

If we were to choose our favorites, Prometheus would surely be shortlisted. The first reason is of aesthetic nature – contemporary architecture, minimalist interiors, and design details. Another reason would be the location – we love the sun and pebble beaches, the peace of small towns, and the vibrant energy of the south. Prometheus has it all. The tune we chose? Full of sun and rythm.

Villa Theia 🎧 Jimmy Fontana: Il Mondo

This divine combination of an amazing island and one of the most beautiful villas in general leaves nobody indifferent.  Villa Theia is truly one of those places you just have to fall in love with, it is inevitable and it is for life. Warning! Be prepared to become addicted to beauty. And to suddenly feel nostalgic for the past you never experienced – like in this song.

Cottage Demeter 🎧 Al Jarreau: We're in this love together

If the Beatles had ever had the chance to visit the Hvar Hora and stayed at this cottage, one of their most famous songs would have been Lavender Fields Forever. If you choose cottage Demeter, you can finally find out what olfactory vacation is. You will love Demeter – and it will love you back, just like in this tune.

Villa Aether 🎧 St.Vincent: Emotional Rescue

Aether, as any other villa from the Villas Hvar collection, bears its name for a reason. If you want a tangible experience of a lovely, invisible substance between visible bodies, this place is made just for you. Also, it is located near anything you might wish and far from everything you wouldn’t wish... And it sure can provide the emotional rescue.

Cottage Athena 🎧 Hot Chocolate: It started with a kiss

Have you ever slept in an olive grove? We have an amazing idea. Athena guards the olive grove and is protected by her olives. It is up to you to try at least once in your life what it is like to lie down and wake up surrounded by olive branches. PS. Don't forget the sunscreen. And don't forget to turn up the volume...

Villa Selene 🎧 Carly Simon: You're so vain

We found Selene in a secret place, and it dawned on us that it looked like Selene in the sky with diamonds. Sounds familiar? It should because it is. Selene has something wild and untamed, but at the same time it is both classy and stylish in a simple, natural way. Pure desire. We could have picked at least a dozen songs for this villa, but decided for this diss & tease of a song for someone so attractive and so distant...

Villa Hermes Green 🎧 Rhye: Feel Your Weight (Poolside Remix)

Just like its twin, Hermes Blue, Hermes Green just gets the vibe. And you should get the feeling of Hermes Green in this song.

Villa Alastor 🎧 The Weeknd: Blinding Lights

Alastor irresistibly reminds us of a place where the past and the present meet. The colors, shapes, materials, and vibe of this house evoke a time long past, where people lived different lives in city palaces, when women were ladies and men were gentlemen. The hot tub, however, brings us back to the present. And in the present, we enjoy ourselves, we laugh, we dance, we sing. Just like in the song.

Villa Dionysus 🎧 Poolside: Harvest Moon

In the vicinity to all Hvar town facilities and yet hidden from all the prying eyes, indomitable Dionysus promises an unforgettable love between You and The Island. The location offers spectacular seaviews, while colours of the surrounding scenery make a perfect setting for a passionate holiday affair. Or maybe rekindling of the old one – like this song is the new rendition of a classic.

Villa Moirae L 🎧 Underlying Expectancy - John Cameron

Once upon a time, there were three goddesses, with lovely, pleasant, even hedonistic destinies. All three fell in love with the town of Stari Grad and built themselves a surprisingly beautiful place to relax about 2 kilometers from the town, a place where they and their guests could stimulate all their senses. This is the story of Moirae L – perfectly described by this 70s tune.

Villa Polyhymnia 🎧 Groover Washington – Winelight

Polyhymnia was created for artists and lovers of the arts, it has exceptional interior design, located on an idyllic country location, just several minutes away from the first town. It is certain that many lucky creatures will find the source of pure pleasure in Polyhymnia. Groover Washington has just the perfect song to describe it. Just picture yourself with the best surround system you will ever find in any villa, with a drink, with a glass slowly melting under the summer sun...

Villa Moirae U 🎧 Johnnie Hartman: Slow Hot Wind

This is the story of Moirae U – just listen to his deep voice, telling the story of longing.

Villa Nyx 🎧 Jessie Ware: Spotlight

There once was a lady so fair but lonely in her lovely stone house with walls so perfectly suited for free climbing, and windows large enough to let a hipster prince through. And happen it did one night. The hipster couple lived happily ever after in a pool with a jacuzzi and a view of the Hvar fortress. And they were in spotlight, as they rightfully should be.

Villa Zeus 🎧 Black Mighty Orchestra: Mighty Beach (Cybophonia Cinematic Remix)

Magnificent Zeus in its brilliance outshines many. The spot it is situated in has been selected precisely for its uniqueness, inviting for an unprecedented game of extraordinary colours and materials, combining the warmth of wood and hand carved stone, warming even the hardest of hearts. Villa of this kind almost demanded a song that's equal parts elegant and dramatic, like this one.

Villa Hades 🎧 Linda di Franco: My Boss

If we were to describe Hades in only three words, we’d say it was "a perfect catch". An amazing place to dance, in the rhythm of nature, the sun and the moon, the rhythm of life. So dancing villa needed a song to make your legs (and hips!) move.

Villa Leto 🎧 Parcels: Overnight

If you are ready for a vacation in a location reminiscent of an outstanding movie set, for a movie that will depict the most beautiful Mediterranean love story with a happy ending, then you are ready for the Villa Leto. This is the first villa on the island that boasts the untouched ambience of the Mediterranean as it once was, magically beautiful, here locked in space and time. But, we're in 2022 – so let's mix nostalgia and space travel, shall we?

Villa Hermes 🎧 Dua Lipa: Don't Start Now (Live in LA, 2019)

Would you like to know how billionaires live? You might be one of them so you already know that. In that case, would you maybe like to know what it is like to be a billionaire situated in a luxurious villa with a touch of the East in the midst of the Mediterranean? Hermes has the answer to both questions, but don't start with that now, go and enjoy everything life has to offer!

Villa Thalassa 🎧 Antonio Carlos Jobim: God and the devil in the land of the sun

Thalassa is a small gem among the villas of Hvar and the luxury it offers is invaluable – not only for its divine position but also for its amazingly styled interior, wonderful terraces that surround it, and the gorgeous foliage it literally basks in. Pleasure at absolutely every moment is highly guaranteed. The tune we've chosen? The title says it all.

Villa Astraeus 🎧 Keith Mansfield: Before Summer Ends

Astraeus is... listen; can you hear that?! A gentle breeze, a sunny day and THE Voice: "Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like on a Jupiter and Mars; in other words, hold my hand, in other words, baby..."  There are villas. And there is Astraeus. And yes, listen – can you hear that? It's not Frank, it's Keith this time. 

Villa Harmonia 🎧 Tender Watermelon Sugar

Just like Harmonia, the immortal goddess of harmony and concord, villa Harmonia has absolutely everything in harmony and concord – from location and design to the colours and materials dominating the villa. Everything is in consonance, oozing peace and beauty; everything is as it always should be. Watermelon Sugar is just that kind of a summer tune, where everything fits together perfectly. Tender and harmony - let that be our guiding thought this summer!

Villa Poseidon 🎧 Monophonics It's Only Us

Accept nothing but excellence? Can recognize top quality with your eyes closed? Want just about EVERYTHING even on your vacation? You'll undoubtedly find all of it in the embrace of Poseidon. Being at the mercy of Poseidon is such a pleasure that you'll soon start feeling divine yourself. We feel Monophonics have just the perfect tune for that feeling of divine that Poseidon has.

Villa Caerus 🎧 M. Jackson Liberian Girl Master Chic Mix

Whether lounging on the spacious porch, enjoying a swim in the pool or cooking up an island barbecue, you'll be surrounded by a million dollar view that's like sitting in the first row of a private cinema with a wide screen view of the ocean, the islands and Hvar's famous sunsets. And those sunset just demand the right tune to dance to.

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