Chaos is one of the best pieces of news in 2018, exciting on the inside as well as on the outside. It bears the name Chaos for a reason – it reminds us of "the nothingness that all else sprung from" and a god who filled the gap between Heaven and Earth. An extraordinary place to stay at indeed.

Villa Features

Villa Chaos uniquely blends the authenticity and tradition of the Mediterranean with modern, urban details, which at points veer towards hipsterism. Chaos is located in the Veli Dolac cove, on the southern side of Hvar. The Villa is turned towards the endlessness of the open sea and sky, so a careful eye may see it as travelling, whereas it only found a temporary spot in the perfectly peaceful cove before it continues on its trip.

Almost alone in the cove, at about a hundred meters from a small, lovely pebble beach and only a 10-minute drive from the town of Hvar, Chaos offers enjoyment in the best of both worlds – in the peace of pristine nature and in the excitement of the town hustle and bustle. 

Villa Chaos is new; it was built in 2017-2018 at the plot of an older, much smaller house.

We’ll try to describe it even though we know it’s impossible; dry words and images can never convey the energy of a space. 

In numbers, it looks like this – the living room, kitchen, and ground floor toilet cover 35m2, the first-floor room with the bathroom and toilet also covers 35m2, whereas the attic spreads over 25m2 with a bathroom and a toilet. Along with the western facade, there is a patio spreading over 25m2, with a fireplace, a wood-fired oven, a summer kitchenette, and a table with five chairs. The area also has a pool the size of 25m2.

In front of the house, there is a large front yard covering 80m2 with a pergola on wooden pillars. On the eastern side, there is a stone bench covered with pillows and with two low-lying tables, which is also the lounge area of the yard. At the center of the yard, you’ll find a massive table with 6 chairs. The yard with a view of the open sea reminds us of a moving ship. Adjacent to the yard, you’ll see the olive grove, where you’ll also find deck chairs.

On the ground floor of the house, you’ll find a brick kitchen with a fireplace, an olive-wood table with six Tapiovaara style Fanett chairs we simply love, a sofa that can extend to a bed the size of 160 x 200 cm, an LCD TV with satellite programs, and a stereo mini HI-FI. The ground floor also has a toilet. You take the stairs to the first floor, where you’ll find a room the size of 30m3, with a matrimonial bed (180 x 200 cm), two chairs and table, an LCD TV with satellite programs, and a bathroom.

The staircase continues to the attic, where you’ll find a room the size of 25m2 with a matrimonial bed (180x200 cm), two chairs and table, an LCD TV with satellite programs, and a bathroom.

All rooms and the ground floor face the south, and the views from each corner are simply divine. If you’re lucky, in bad weather you can see low clouds along the Monte Gargano on the Italian side of the Adriatic. You’ll otherwise witness endless blue: equally divine but different day in day out. 

Around the house you’ll find the olive grove covering 2000 m2. Most of it stretches along the eastern part of the road that leads to the house. It also has a garden pavilion equipped as a self-standing little house. Large glass walls are striking, and allow the guests to enjoy the view of the old olive grove terraces. In the shade of the trees you’ll see a table with two chairs, probably the best morning coffee spot in the entire cove.

The garden pavilion covers 15m2 and stands out with interesting architecture and imposing glass walls. It is entirely open towards the olive grove, and the idea was to have a space where you’ll enjoy the paradigm of the Mediterranean surrounding – an olive grove on terraces built on drystone walls. The pavilion has a bathroom, a small kitchen with a fridge, and a sofa with a table. It also has a matrimonial bed (160 x 200 cm).

Interesting is also that the whole house is covered with a vintage oak floor and all the wooden stuff in the house are handmade!

The choice of colors, materials, and details in Villa Chaos has be tuned to perfection and blends with the surrounding nature. Villa Chaos is suitable for a family, friends, couples, as well as enemies. This is one of those houses you’ll simply love. It is fully covered in Wi-Fi and, more importantly, with incredibly potent positive energy. We sincerely doubt you’ll be interested in the internet with the wealth of good vibrations.

PS. You often ask if Chaos is near the main road or if the location of the villa is noisy. Villa Chaos is located about 400 meters from the main road. You will turn from the new road Stari Grad - Hvar towards the sea, that is Veli Dolac cove, and drive about 400 meters down a gravel road that is suitable for all cars. No road noises reach the villa, only the sounds of nature do. Chaos is not a luxurious villa in the material sense, but it abounds in spiritual luxury. It is solar powered, energy self-sufficient villa, so there is no AC, a dishwasher, a laundry machine or a hairdryer. Chaos is ideal for environmentally conscious traveler who enjoy true luxury; coexistence with nature, organic food, clean sea, peace of mind... with the addition of well-designed details! If you’re looking for Russian-style luxury, this villa is not for you - keep looking through the Villas Hvar collection.

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