Have you ever slept in an olive grove? We have an amazing idea. Athena guards the olive grove and is protected by her olives. It is up to you to try at least once in your life what it is like to lie down and wake up surrounded by olive branches. PS. Don't forget the sunscreen. 

Cottage Features

This is one of the houses that we love very much precisely because of its unique, very Zen position. The village in which Athena found her residence in an olive grove, the village of Rudine, is charming and picturesque in such a way that it forms a perfect framework of our nice story.

You are surrounded by centuries-old olive trees; the sea shimmers from afar; crickets cry persistently and give rhythm to this story; the air is free from the burden of existence; a butterfly has landed on the Bougainvillea; the goldfinch, a bird that loves to spend its time on the island of Hvar, has dipped its little head in the pool and shook off its feathers, thinking how convenient it is that the owner decided to put water precisely at its favorite place. Apply your sunscreen, the Sun shines relentlessly over this tranquil oasis.

You arrived to Athena from the direction of the town of Stari Grad, by climbing a small hill, after two kilometers of paved road and 150 meters of trodden macadam, via a field path.

You left your car at a parking lot in front of the house, took a couple of stairs – and you are already on a terrace with a pool. The total area of land is 1.345 m2, the interior covers the area of 60 m2, the terrace covers 120 m2, and the pool covers 25 m2. The house was built in 1992 and renovated in 2016.

From the terrace you can choose between three entrances to the house – three glass walls that lead to the space of the open-plan living room, dining room, and fantastically equipped kitchen. Single, double, and three-winged glass doors give the area an abundance of ethereal quality, lightness, and transparency. The interiors of the cottage are modern and minimalistic with discreet and subtle colors that are at times fired up with a particular lively detail.

Once you exit the living room, you have three options. You can climb down two stairs and reach the anteroom where you leave your flip-flops, espadrilles, or high heels, the choice is yours. From the kitchen side you can also climb down a couple of stairs and reach the guest toilet, and further along there is also the entrance to the winter garage and storage room or laundry room. When you get back to the living room, you can, as a third choice, climb thirteen stairs and reach the first floor.

From the stairs on the right you will reach a double bedroom (10 m2) with a double bed and an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray. A glass door leads you from the bedroom to the balcony (5 m2) embraced by Bougainvillea, which offers a view over the terrace, pool, olive groves, and the sea. The view is very calming.

From the stairs on the left you will take two stairs and enter the master bedroom (14 m2) with a double bed, wardrobe, mini balcony (1,50 m2) and an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray that has a double-winged glass wall that leads to another sweet balcony (2,50 m2). It is important to note that one part of the wall of the master bedroom is covered in glass, which guarantees that this space also offers a lot of lightness, ethereal quality, and light.

When you are done with the tour, make a smoothie from fresh fruit, apply the sunscreen once more, and take position on a deck chair by the pool, the position only the goddess Athena chooses for her well-deserved vacation. Yes, feel free to take off your swimsuit, no one will see you, Athena guarantees you complete privacy. The neighbors are far away, but still close enough for you to take a stroll and get a bottle of wine or home-made goat cheese, or if you wish to try some other home-made product.

Enjoy it, you’re the lucky ones. And trust us on the sunscreen. As Mr. Luhrmann once said: "Everybody's free - to wear sunscreen."

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