If the Beatles had ever had the chance to visit the Hvar Hora and stayed at this cottage, one of their most famous songs would have been Lavender Fields Forever. But that doesn’t even matter. What does matter is that, if you choose cottage Demeter, you can finally find out what olfactory vacation is.

Cottage Features

Cottage Demeter is literally located in lavender fields. Apart from lavender, here you’ll find the mighty, gnarled, and glorious olive trees. There is plenty of land here that the hard-working Hvarians farmed to earn a living. It all begins and ends with land. A plethora of emotions are ingrained in the land, from sadness to sorrow, from bitterness to pride. We are happy that there are people like the owners of cottage Demeter, people who value the land of Hvar, the tradition and coexistence with nature. They’ve shown everything they value by refurbishing this farm they inherited from their ancestors. They’ve renewed it in the spirit of times long gone, but always present, eternal.

The value of this picturesque and romantic farm is even greater since it is located in the Hora, the field of Stari Grad protected by UNESCO. If you’d like to learn more about the fascinating history of this area, check the following link:


Even though the estate has more than sufficient space for a pool – there is no pool. We know very well that Villas Hvar clients love pools. Maybe it’s time you give a lovely place without a pool a chance and do something for the environment. There is no pool since the owner is very eco-conscious and knows what a single pool does to Earth, the only planet the human species can survive on. Tjaša Kalkan explains this nicely in her 2019 installation Poseidon’s rage:


Sapienti sat.

In any case, the estate covers 8000m2, filled with lavender, olives, figs, rosemary, and all kinds of Mediterranean herbs. There are two adorable stone houses separated by a 50-square-meter paved terrace. Both of the houses cover 60m2 of interior. The larger house has a master bedroom the size of 18m2 and a queen bed; a bedroom the size of 12m2 and a double bed; and a 5-square-meter bathroom with a shower. The smaller house covers 25m2 and has a kitchen with a dining room for 6 people. The terrace houses an outside summer kitchen with barbecue and dining table. There is also a back yard the size of 60m2 with a lounge area and a shower.

The house has been here, in this field, for about a hundred years. Just like other houses in fields, this one was a tool shed and a shelter during rain or storm. Now it has been completely refurbished, and 2019/2020 will be the first year cottage Demeter is listed for rent.

The estate can be described as the perfect escape or even far from the madding crowd. Your daily routine here will be defined by nature, spending time outdoors, and sunsets; the birds will make a marvelous substitute for an alarm clock, and crickets will sing the most delicate lullaby you’ve ever heard.

We cannot imagine a better place to meditate or have an extraordinary yoga session than this one. We can’t think of a better place for everyone wishing to escape civilization and wanting to enjoy some peace and quiet. But this also works perfectly for walkers or off-road bikers. Family, friends, single, whoever. Going back to our roots, but this time with the intoxicating whiffs of purple, green, blue; with a lot of wood, stone, and plenty of charm.

No, we are sorry, you cannot stay in this cottage forever...

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