If we were to choose our favorites, Prometheus would surely be shortlisted. The first reason is of aesthetic nature – contemporary architecture, minimalist interiors, and design details. Another reason would be the location – we love the sun and pebble beaches, the peace of small towns, and the vibrant energy of the south. Prometheus has it all.

Villa Features

Villa Prometheus was built in 2019.

The plot is 501m2 in size. The interior of the villa covers 240m2, the terrace 120m2, and the pool 25m2.

Prometheus consists of five mezzanines, of which the entrance area is connected by a staircase to the lower floor, which houses a large kitchen followed by a dining room and living room. There is a built-in fireplace in the dining room.

The dining room has an exit to the terrace with a swimming pool, next to which there is a covered dining area which can also be accessed through the kitchen. The kitchen and the dining room are separated from the terrace by a large sliding glass door.

The view from the terrace and the pool faces the southwest; while you are chilling on the terrace of the villa, swimming in the pool or treating your palate to fine meals that can be prepared by our top chef, you will also be enjoying the gorgeous view of the blue sea and the green hues of the pines.

Adjacent to the terrace with the outdoor dining area, there is also an outdoor kitchen with a sink and a fireplace/barbecue. Next to the pool, you’ll also find an outdoor shower and deck chairs.

On the lower floor, there is a small toilet, a wine cellar with a fine selection of wines, and a storage room that is entered from the dining room inside the house.

The second leg of the staircase from the entrance area leads to the first mezzanine floor with two bedrooms, one of which has an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray. Each bedroom has its own terrace or a loggia that can be accessed from the room.

On the next mezzanine, there is a third bedroom with a bathroom. This bathroom is shared between two bedrooms. The bedroom has access to a covered terrace, whereas the bathroom offers an exit to a balcony.

On the third mezzanine, there is a bedroom and a bathroom with a shower tray. The bedroom exits to a separate balcony, whereas the staircase and the room both lead to a covered terrace of approximately 19 m2 that can be used by all tenants.

There are two parking spaces located behind the house.

Villa Prometheus will be an ideal choice for all aesthetes, but also for those who love modern architecture, minimalist interiors, natural materials (wood, concrete, and stone), neutral colors (all shades of brown, gray, tan, and navy blue somewhere in the distance ), designer furniture, and carefully selected details.

The furniture is made of solid oak, there are ceramic works of art on the shelves, paintings by renowned authors on the walls, carpets have arrived from Morocco… Please treat the villa with care as if it were your own home, because it is just that - your warm home on your dream vacation.

Prometheus will be as well enjoyed by everyone who prefers small, peaceful places by the sea, blessed with beautiful pebble beaches, plenty of sunshine, and a wonderful energy of life you can find only in the south.

And if you really feel like tasting the summer crowds, the towns are not far either: 20 minutes by car to Jelsa, 30 minutes to Hvar if you don't mind the gravel road, or 45 if you prefer asphalt.


PS. Although the vila has 4 bedrooms, the owners allow a maximum of 6 people in the villa.

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