Thalassa is a small gem among the villas of Hvar and the luxury it offers is invaluable – not only for its divine position but also for its amazingly styled interior, wonderful terraces that surround it, and the gorgeous foliage it literally basks in. Pleasure at absolutely every moment is highly guaranteed. 

Villa Features

The beautiful Thalassa found the perfect place for vacation right next to the sea, in the small Rosohotnica cove next to the village of Basina in the northern part of the island of Hvar. This is a lovely, quiet area, blessed with rich foliage and crystal clear sea, and yet completely free of big tourist crowds: an ideal place for vacation. 

Thalassa is at a truly perfect spot. And we know you’ve heard it many times – but this time it’s not a cliché, it really is so. The estate spreads right along the sea, and there is a small staircase that leads you directly into the sea. The view from the villa breaks even the toughest of hearts. It is surrounded with green Mediterranean vegetation and several equally attractive summerhouses nearby.   

The villa was built in 2000. The whole estate spreads across 2500 square meters, with the house covering 210 square meters.

You reach Thalassa by an asphalted road; a private parking area for two cars is several meters away from the entry gate.

A lovely Mediterranean garden surrounds Thalassa and spreads all the way to the sea. A stone staircase to the front door of the house leads you to the garden. After entering the house, you find yourself on the upper landing; from there you can go right or left, and in front of you there is a spacious living room with a fully glass-lined wall, extending your view even further, to the terrace, the sea, the other side of the cove…

But let’s get back to the upper landing. We first go right and pass the door on the right leading to a small storage room. Then we enter the first bedroom with a double bed and a bathroom. That room has its own small terrace that leads to the main terrace.

We go back across the upper landing to the front door and go down several steps to the left side of the lower landing. Here we see a bookcase, and before it a door leading to a small toilet room. A few steps up and we find ourselves in the second bedroom with a double bed and an en-suite bathroom. It also has its own little terrace that descends to the bigger terrace. The room prides on a marvelous view of the sea as well.

We go back to the lower landing and enter the right side with the third bedroom that has a double bed and a bathroom. This one has a little terrace with a view of the sea as well, and it leads you to the main terrace.

A few steps down from the lower landing and we reach the spacious living and dining room. There is a dining table for eight, an antique bureau, two sofas that can serve as extra beds if needed, LCD SAT TV, two small coffee tables, two rattan chairs and a fireplace.

The living room has a fully glass-lined wall facing the sea, giving the space a feeling of illumination and comfort and making you feel as if you’re sitting outside even though you’re indoors. The view you enjoy while eating or chilling in the living room is absolutely stunning.

To the right of the living and dining room is a fully equipped kitchen separated by a wall. There is a big wine fridge in the far right corner of the kitchen.

The whole estate and the villa are dominated by natural materials, wood and stone. The interior is a fusion of shabby bohemian chic and contemporary style. The owners are cosmopolitans with exquisite taste for high quality fabrics and warm details that added a special polish to the area. The dominant living room is so comfortable that we wouldn’t be surprised if you decided to stay there during the whole summer, or even longer.

The kitchen leads to a spacious terrace with a dining table for six or more and a sunshade. Two armchairs and a small lounge table are located in the covered part of the terrace. A wooden landing with deck chairs extends next to it. A small staircase leads from the landing to a paved path that will take you to the outdoor hand-made stone fireplace and another sunshade-covered dining room for six. This area has a sink and a stone worktop, as well as a small bench built into the stonewall.

A small staircase and a paved path to the sea are located between the wooden landing and the main terrace. There is a shower here as well – all made out of stone. Right by the sea you’ll see a small staircase with lovely sea patina and two landings suitable for sunbathing. Oleanders, pine trees, agaves, lavender, rosemary, yuccas and various wild bushes are just a part of the Mediterranean foliage of the Thalassa film set.

You have at your disposal housekeeping service, which we guarantee is amazing and included in the price for basic needs, such as possible problems and questions regarding the villa, cleaning and changing the sheets – all additional needs have to be additionally paid.

Thalassa is equally ideal for families, couples and friends – for all lovers of beautiful scenery, nature, crystal clear sea, peace and quiet, exclusive areas and locations. And for those who like to angle while sitting on a terrace! All that just a five-minute drive from the town. Absolutely fabulous – mark our words.

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