There once was a lady so fair but lonely in her lovely stone house with walls so perfectly suited for free climbing, and windows large enough to let a hipster prince through. And happen it did one night. The hipster couple lived happily ever after in a pool with a jacuzzi and a view of the Hvar fortress.

Villa Features

Villa Nyx is no ordinary house, but a house with a strong civic flair and a cosmopolitan personality. You’ll notice this as soon as you enter its yard and know for sure once you take a walk around its interiors.

The living room commode is an antique from Japan; a suitcase that adorns the same area is a late 18th century piece; the dining room table and the chairs were brought from a convent in the Philippines; the lamp in the hallway is a 2001 Gaudi; the mirror in the hallway was brought from Morocco in the 20th century, and the chandelier above the staircase is also a hand-made piece from Morocco. The Fish chair in the living room was also hand-made. All the chairs, beds, and lighting are high-end designs. All of the details in the villa were carefully chosen. Everything we know so far would be enough for us to book the place without even taking a look at it, but since we love a good design and antiques, we might not be as objective.

Let’s just add that you can feel a dash of luxury everywhere; the parquets and the staircases are hand-made mahogany; the entrance door and other doors are made of teak wood and pool is surrounded with Brač stone. The living room also has a lovely fireplace; the kitchen is high-end Italian design. Guests can use a wine cooler with whites and reds.

Villa Nyx was built in 1923 and refurbished in 2000. The house and the yard cover 175m2, and the house alone covers 110m2. The pool covers 11m2 and it has a swimming jet, a jacuzzi, and a heating system.

Once you enter the massive wooden door from the street and walk into the yard of Villa Nyx, to your right you’ll see the entrance to the house and, after you’ve climbed 18 stairs and reached a vanguard point, to your left you’ll see the pool, but you’ll also enjoy a romantic view of the town roofs, the bell tower of the Church of St. Stephen, and the Spanjola fortress. The wooden patio next to the pool is a lovely detail that adds to the personality and warmth of the exterior.

The yard is encircled by tall stone walls, which gives it a particular charm, and it is equipped with seating for dining and lounging. The yard also has a fireplace (which you’ll definitely find useful if you love healthy Mediterranean cuisine) and an external shower (with hot water).

From the yard, you can see the entire living room, kitchen, and dining room area on the ground floor of the villa since only a glass wall separates it from the yard; we find the seamless blend of the interior and the exterior of Villa Nyx particularly astonishing. When we enter the house from the yard, we step right into the open plan kitchen / dining room / living room. At the far end of the area, a door to the right leads to a bathroom with a shower tray, and a door to the left leads to the storage room (where you’ll also find the wine).

To the left of the living room, right next to the entrance, 14 mahogany stairs lead you to the upper floor; on your right, you’ll see the first bedroom with a matrimonial bed and an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray. 14 stairs later, on the second floor, you reach the second bedroom with a matrimonial bed and an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray. The view of the town roofs from the bedroom window is fantastic and the sill simply calls for you to have breakfast or read a book at that lovely spot. Both living rooms have built-in wardrobes with sufficient room for even the toughest of fashion victims.

Let’s not forget – when you go up from the living to the upper floor, there is a door that leads to a rear terrace. This terrace can be of use if you want to dry your laundry out in fresh air, if you have a smoking habit your companions don’t know about, if you’re playing hide and seek, or if you’re just pissed at the moment (you have every right to be angry, but it’s better for you if you aren’t). As far as we’re concerned – you may use the back terrace if you wish and you don’t have to – whichever way you like.

We think we have mentioned all of the important things. We might just add that Villa Nyx is a gem among small Hvar villas; it’s one of our personally favorites, which we wholeheartedly recommended whether you’re a family, a group of friends, or a group of couples. You don’t have to be hipsters, but you can be – you’ll blend in perfectly. The location is outstanding – at the very heart of Hvar, within walking distance to all of the town facilities and beaches, but not too close to cafes or night clubs that might disturb your peace. There are some great things in life, and Nyx is one of them.

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