Alastor irresistibly reminds us of a place where the past and the present meet. The colors, shapes, materials, and vibe of this house evoke a time long past, where people lived different lives in city palaces, when women were ladies and men were gentlemen. The hot tub, however, brings us back to the present.

Villa Features

The stunning 17th century palace or Palazzo Alastor is situated in the heart of the town of Hvar, with 5 spacious bedrooms and 5 en-suite bathrooms overlooking the old town and the famous Spanish Fortress. Located two minutes walking distance from the main square, yet in the quietest part of the town center, and a few minutes walking distance to the first beach, we can say Alastor is the perfect place for a perfect holiday.

The villa has been newly renovated in 2018 to offer a modern touch and amenities for today’s distinguished traveler. Being a guest of villa Alastor means living in Hvar at its highest level, having truly luxurious accommodation and an opportunity for a special and unforgettable holiday experience in an ancient Hvar Palazzo. Due to the numerous details in the interior of Alastor, we could describe as a place where Venice meets Hvar.

The villa with all extra beds can accommodate up to 14 people. It covers the area of 250 m2, has a 45 m2 courtyard and a second master bedroom terrace of 30 m2.

Let’s have a short walk through this beautiful property with a noble personality.

After passing the entrance, you will find an ancient well that used to supply the Palazzo with fresh water. Today, of course, it doesn’t serve this function anymore but just reminds of the charming old times before plumbing existed.

You then approach the living room with a large fireplace that has been warming families for centuries during the bura wind and cold Hvar winters. The ceiling has original centuries old Slavonian oak beams and typical ceiling decoration that existed in the 17th century in local noble houses. The flooring is made of ancient stone polished from walking. A tall glass balcony door leads to the courtyard with an outdoor dining table and a hot tub for your relaxation after a day in the sun or perhaps a night out and necessity to sooth your body after dancing. Out of the hot tub you will have a direct view over Hvar town rooftops!

The kitchen and small bar are in an open space and connected with the living room. Original Venetian Murano glass chandeliers are on the ceiling, and all cabinetry is custom made. 

To the left of the fireplace you’ll find the first master bedroom with a king-size bed and en-suite bathroom offering direct access to the courtyard through a large balcony glass door on one side and a beautiful Venetian window on the other that today serves as a mirror.

Going back to the living room there is a staircase leading to the upper floor. You will pass around the part of the Palazzo that was dug in rock on the back side with parts of the rock still visible.

The first room is the second master bedroom with a large glass balcony door and a huge terrace overlooking the main square of Hvar and the fortress above Hvar. There is an ancient fireplace in this bedroom and a king-size bed. The bathroom is en-suite with a glass door shower. Draperies and cushions are in precious hand-painted fabrics, while accessories include Murano glass designer vases. The walls are painted in dove and ceilings are supported with oak beams. 

The third bedroom is located to the right after the staircase. It also has a king-size bed with an en-suite bathroom. Its large windows are overlooking the town. The walls are a light color while the oak beamed ceilings have a honey color. The bathroom is fitted with high-end accessories, a walk-in shower, and antiqued mirrors.

An independent hallway leads to another staircase leading to the second floor which is under the roof. To your left is a smaller bedroom with two twin beds and an en-suite bathroom with a glass door shower. The window also faces Hvar town center.

To your right is a larger bedroom with four twin beds and an en-suite bathroom with a glass door shower. A harmonious palette of different colors is used for the bedrooms accessories to offset the neutral colors of the rooms surfaces. The walls are treated with a dove-grey finish.

For lighting in the Palazzo, a mix of floor lamps, lamp sets, and indirect LED illumination is used to create different degrees and effects of lighting. The vibe is contemporary with the use of geometrical and clear lines softened by local accents in the use of glass and traditional materials. 

This noble family house is elegant and luminous. There is wonderful antique furniture throughout, significant artwork, and family heirlooms. Important furniture and artwork have been recently restored. The family regularly uses this Palazzo, so their guests will in fact enjoy the feeling of an exclusive and magnificent Hvar home!

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