Accept nothing but excellence? Can recognize top quality with your eyes closed? Want just about EVERYTHING even on your vacation? You'll undoubtedly find all of it in the embrace of Poseidon. Being at the mercy of Poseidon is such a pleasure that you'll soon start feeling divine yourself. 

Villa Features

The numbers for Villa Poseidon are as follows: the total estate covers 1000 m2; 250m2 of interior space, 55m2 of covered terrace area, 100m2 of open terrace area, 2 balconies covering 13m2 each, three French balconies (all with a view of the sea), and an infinity pool the size of 30m2.

The fascinating Poseidon, one of the brightest stars in the Villas Hvar collection, is located in the idyllic town of Vrboska, in a quiet cul-de-sac with a stone beach in front of the house and a pebble beach suitable for children about 20 meters away. A 1.4 km walk along the sea takes you to the main town beach, Soline, and if you go about 800 meters the other way, you'll reach the center of Vrboska.  

The old and original stone house was built in 1960 by famous Croatian architect Kazimir Ostrogović, who is also known for the design of Josip Broz Tito's Zagreb residence, now the official residence of the President of the Republic of Croatia.

Villa Poseidon was fully refurbished in 2016 and redesigned by architect Oskar Fleischer. Upon the foundations of the old stone house rose an imposing modern structure of classical, timeless beauty. 

At the entrance to the estate, there is a garage (that serves as a storage for bikes, kayaks, etc.) and a semi-covered parking area for three cars. About 11 stairs lead you to the main entrance to the villa.  Before you begin exploring the abundance so generously offered by Poseidon, you get a glimpse of it as soon as you climb up the stairs: to your right, you'll see a covered terrace with four stone pillars. The outside terrace can host 10 people for lunch or dinner with modern LED lights posing as the starry skies. In the open part of the terrace, you can bask in the sun and enjoy the blue of the skies and the sea on one of the 10 deck chairs along the crescent-shaped infinity pool (which can be heated as well); once you get to its edge, you'll literally immerse yourself in Mediterranean foliage and the sea, which will make you feel as if you became one with nature. Can it get any better? 

The entire veranda (and the rest of the house) is covered in stone, a blend of rustic Mediterranean and modern textures. What dominates the interior design is the warmth of the quality hand-processed massive oak in combination with designer furniture and various details plus glass railings and stone walls.

But let’s go step by step: after passing the terrace and moving forward, you’ll reach the main entrance to the house. After you go in, you’ll enter a bedroom with two single beds to the left (200x90 cm); next to it, a door leads you to a bathroom with a shower tray. The hallway is equipped with a built-in wardrobe and a safe for your valuables. At the end of the hallway to the left, you’ll see a storage room and a laundry room. There’s even a shoe cleaning machine – that’s how much the owner paid attention to detail. Next to the storage and laundry rooms, there is a staircase that leads to the second story of the villa, but I suggest we get acquainted with the rest of the ground floor.

When you turn right, you’ll see an impressive space encompassing the kitchen-dining room and the living room. To the right, there is a fully-equipped kitchen with a bar and massive wooden designer table with 10 designer leather chairs. Apart from gastronomical pleasures, this table will let you bask in the beauty of the view through two glass balcony doors that lead to the covered terrace. A cosmopolitan living room has a large three-sash window (without curtains since it would make no sense to hide this view), with a black-leather designer couch dominating the area; on the stone-covered wall, there is a fireplace and a large LCD TV. An imposing standing lamp adds a charming touch to the space.

While you’re lying comfortably on the couch, you’ll discover a sweet surprise peeking from the living room: through the floating staircase, you’ll get a glimpse of two high, narrow windows, and beneath them another designer couch (that can turn into a bed if necessary), which makes it a perfect reading corner or an afternoon siesta spot.

Now we can move on to the upper story. Seventeen floating stairs in the warm color of wood take you to the gallery; over the glass railing, you’ll see the kitchen and dining room area. Except in the wine cellar, the height of the rooms is 3 to 4 meters, reaching the impressive 7 meters in the gallery. There you’ll find the Yamaha keyboard and the professional ERGO stationary bike.

There are three double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms on the upper floor. To the right of the gallery, you’ll see the entrance to the northern room, which has its own balcony, an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray, and a matrimonial bed (200x160 cm). Moving straight from the gallery and turning left, you’ll reach the entrance to the second bedroom (21 m2), which also has its own balcony, a large double bed (180x200 cm), and a spacious bathroom with a large walk-in shower tray. Opposite this room, there is the master bedroom with a large double bed (180x200 cm again), and you’ll understand why it’s the main bedroom of the villa as soon as you enter: 35m2 of space for sleeping and enjoying offers everything you may desire. The bathroom is attached to the sleeping area, separated only with a curtain wall, and the focal point of the space is Poseidon’s favorite beauty – a freestanding bathtub. A large balcony and two French balconies offer copious amounts of light and views of the sea, and thick minimalist curtains (if you want intimacy) and the warm color of wood of the wardrobe or the standing lamp complete this gorgeous space and add personality to it.

We should note that Poseidon has floor heating, if you planned to visit in one of the colder months. Poseidon is a low-energy house – top-quality isolation, heating pumps, solars, a fireplace with a water jacket, floor heating, and high-end air-conditioning systems – a total of eight. The latest LED lighting was especially made for the villa. All of the bedrooms and the wine cellar have LED TVs, and the living room has an extra-large screen. The villa also has two portable BOSE sound systems and one fixed BOSE/Pioneer sound system, to which you can connect via Bluetooth.

You’ve already been dazzled by the covered terrace and the pool terrace whether you enjoyed sunbathing or night swimming – during the night hours, two large reflectors that can be directed towards the beach add to the impression. But lovely surprises don’t stop here: beneath the pool, there is an electric-heater sauna for four with a large round window with a ship-like view of the sea.

At the end, we reach the romantic wine cellar with a rich offer of exquisite wines. A large mahogany table is well-suited for enjoying food, but you’re a simple alteration away from enjoying a round of billiards there with your friends. There’s also a mini kitchen there. Most importantly, there is a couch that can turn into a bed for two if necessary and a bathroom with a shower tray – we recommend this part of the villa to those who prefer privacy and intimacy within a group.

Poseidon will embrace you with a rich but clean design; the owner obviously didn’t want to leave anything to chance. It is clear that the owner enjoys life and wants to extend his passion to those who will enjoy Villa Poseidon. Poseidon offers ultimate luxury but also warmth – a blend of modern and classical; a pool and the sea only several steps away; numerous opportunities to hang out in a refined space, but also many options for intimacy. It is hard for us to imagine anyone who would not be happy and pleased here, whether it is a family or a group of friends.

If this still doesn’t do it for you, there are seven excellent mountain bikes and a kayak waiting for you in the garage, which you can use if you want to move away from the protective embrace of Poseidon and explore the beauties of the Vrbovska cove and the island of Hvar. Wherever you go, it is wonderful to know that the father-figure of the gentle yet mighty Poseidon, whose name the villa proudly bears, eagerly awaits for you.

PS. If we were to choose the music that would blend with this villa, it would definitely be Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. 

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