Once upon a time, there was Heracles, who lived on land, but he loved all things of beauty, including the sea. Heracles planned to build a house on the island of Vis. One day, he sailed away from Vis to the nearby island of Hvar. He reached the cliffs on the south side of Hvar, looked around, and stayed.

Villa Features

Since we carefully choose only the best of Hvar to make your holidays the best possible, every new house makes us believe that that is the best Hvar has ever offered to its guests. We often think that it can't get any better because we are lucky to stay in beautiful spaces and beautiful locations. Lately, we have been overwhelmed by the fact that it can always get better and more beautiful. We are happy about that since that means that in 2012, when we launched the Villas Hvar project with less than 10 gorgeous houses, we still had a good vision of the island of Hvar, an island that builds itself in the way it deserves.

Heracles is everything we’ve been quietly wishing for all this time. Contemporary architecture in a passionate embrace with Hvar stone, perched above the sea, with one of the most beautiful shades on Earth, makes this place an unrivaled high-end luxury haven. Many houses on Hvar are truly beautiful in various ways, but none has everything you need in a perfect location where it ceaselessly absorbs the energy of the Sun and the Moon and selflessly, and above all healingly, transmits it to each of its visitors.

Heracles creates a sense of a parallel reality where order and peace reign, always and forever. Heracles is a comforter, a healer, a best friend. If we looked at it less metaphysically, if we dealt with the dimension of exterior and interior style along with all the details, materials, and colors, Villa Heracles would be a combination of Audrey Hepburn and Rosamund Pike. Audrey perfectly composed, classy, beautiful, charming, warm, and gentle; Rosamund attractive, subtle, stylish, determined, and passionate. It’s all Heracles, though one might say it’s just a house.

We must stop this intro, as hard as it may be, because this villa is an infinitely inspiring place. As we know that you are interested in some dry details about the villa, they follow below.

So Heracles began its Hvar story in 2016 on a cliff above the sea in Sveta Nedjelja on the island of Hvar. Construction began in 2018 and ended in 2019. Heracles covers 230m2 of interior and 3 terraces spanning over 150m2, 52m2 and 20m2 respectively, with a total of 222m2 terrace space, plus a 5,5-square-meter balcony the lucky ones will step out onto from the master bedroom on the first floor.

A short description of the villa begins with the entrance to a spacious open parking lot that leads to two garages/storage rooms to the right. Before arriving at the villa, be aware that there is a narrow bend where you’ll have to maneuver your car carefully. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone when you arrive – we’ll be right here for you. 

When you arrive, in front of you is an imposing building in white stone. Right in front of you, after a few stairs on the ground floor, you’ll find entrances to the first three bedrooms with matrimonial beds, and each bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom with a shower tray.

On the left side of the house, after about 20 steps and a long balcony overlooking the cliffs and the sea, you will reach the imposing area of the pool and terrace in front of the villa. We will not turn left but go right, where we will again reach the back terrace of the villa with a large stone fireplace after about 20 steps. The terrace overlooks the pine forest and gorges of the south side. Not all Hvar villas have a professional fireplace, but Heracles loves fine food being prepared, and what would Dalmatia be without grilled fish?

From the terrace we enter the villa, directly into the spacious open plan kitchen, dining room, and living room overlooking the blue sea. The dining room is visually separated from the living room by three stairs. 

A small door next to the kitchen leads you to an additional toilet, which can be accessed from the pool terrace as well. Next to the toilet you'll find an extra storage or laundry space, and in the external area you’ll find an outdoor shower.

There are two balcony doors, or glass walls, extending along the living room and dining area overlook the terrace covered in cumaru wood, in front of which you’ll see an infinity pool with a view to die for. To the left, you’ll see a covered terrace with an outdoor dining table and, further down, all the way to the glass enclosure that does not interfere with the view of the blue sea, you’ll find the outdoor lounge area.

If we return to the dining and living area, after about 15 massive wooden stairs, we’ll reach the first floor, where the space on the right leads us to the fourth double room with an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray. Down the hallway we’ll find the fifth, master double bedroom which, of course, has an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray, but also boasts an exit to the balcony with a breathtaking view of the cliffs below the villa, emerald and crystal-clear sea, and the fabulous relief of the island of Vis on the high seas.

Here we end the description of the layout of Villa Heracles, but we’ll add that each bedroom has box-spring beds and a wardrobe. The kitchen is perfectly equipped with high-end Bosch appliances; it has a Nespresso machine, a wine collection, and everything you need for gourmet cooking. Yes, yes, the owner loves to cook. Apart from the outdoor BBQ, there is also an outdoor oven.

Heracles has a Sonos sound system, Apple Airplay, Google, Netflix, satellite TV, although we doubt that you will be able to focus on additional content with all the beauties of Heracles and everything that surrounds it. For example, if you lie down in the evening on that beautiful deck chair on an even more beautiful terrace and look at the sky more beautiful than anything below on Earth, it will already be a complete victory over all the wonders of modern technology. A telescope, which we haven't listed yet, can help you with that, and you’ll also find one here.

When you’re not looking at the stars, you can enjoy the Mediterranean herbs that surround the villa; olives, magnolias, palm trees, and pine forest. This will all create a feast for your senses of sight and smell.

Reward the sense of hearing with silence. This is its home.

A family or a group of friends will enjoy all the above, but Heracles is not exclusive: all people of good will and all lovers of beauty are welcome. We know it will be hard for you to leave this space, but remember that Heracles’ journey to create his beautiful sea refuge began with the first step…

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