Humac has unusual energy, it is a rare contemplative jewel on this planet of ours. Eos has all of that, and then some. A magical property isolated from the outside world, surrounded by enchanting landscapes, spectacular views and divine silence interrupted only by the sounds of iconic nature.

Villa Features

Villa Eos is a strangely beautiful complex of traditional stone houses built in early 20th century. The houses are located on a large green estate of about 30 000m2, so your privacy is guaranteed without doubt. The grey stone of the houses matches the stone on the houses in Humac village (3km from the estate). After many years of love and effort the whole complex was restored in 2006 in authentic style.

The property is soaked in the scents, shapes and colors of the Mediterranean. It is surrounded by cypress trees, lavender, sage, rosemary, fig trees and olive groves.

The interior of the stone houses is 300m2. The large courtyard is surrounded by stonewall. Inside the courtyard there is an open barbecue unit with the oven that is perfect for baking home made brad. Also, there is a large dining table for 12 people, an outdoor lounge, a main house and two separate houses just a few meters away.

Stunning infinity pool is located in the perfect location with the beautiful view of the south side of the island, adjacent islands and the sea.

The tennis court is part of the estate, same as the small Trim that used to be a sauna, but now it serves as a bedroom with mattress on the floor if you will need extra beds, mostly for children, but two adults can sleep there as well. All parts of the estate are linked together into a single amazing unit surrounded by fragrant green open space.

All the interiors are very attractive visually. They have a distinct personality, interesting shapes and colors and are very cozy. They are equipped with either stylish new or charming antique furniture.

All the spaces are also heated and fully equipped with everything you might need for a pleasant holiday.

On the ground floor of the main house there is a spacious living room with kitchen and dining area (total of 70m2). Living room has a glass wall that allows an amazing view of the outer courtyard even from inside of the house. On the first floor of the main house there are two 35m2 bedrooms with double beds. Each room has its own private bathroom with shower unit. Both rooms have an extra bed or crib.

The third bedroom is in the separate house (total of 50m2). Beds in that bedroom are separated and there is an extra sofa bed for two people. Also there is a bathroom with a shower unit in the house.

The fourth bedroom is also in one of the separated houses (total of 30m2). The room has a double bed, bathroom with the bathtub and an extra bed or a crib.

Agricultural workers formerly used this property so they can take a break from fieldwork - to hide from the sun of to get warm next to the fireplace in the winter period. Today, this wonderfully authentic Dalmatian estate is a perfect choice for a holiday of your dreams – dreamy, romantic interiors inside the stonewall maze, peaceful fields all around and unforgettable views of green land and deep blue, infinite sea. You will indeed get to see all the possible shades of color green and blue during your stay.

Villa Eos gives you an opportunity to truly return to nature, it is a real eco estate since it produces its own electricity through solar system and has its own water.

Because of its location Villa offers an ideal opportunity for jogging and cycling, for long walks and relaxation. Eos is some 500 meters of straight line away from the sea, some 45-minute drive to town of Hvar and a 20-minute drive to the nearest larger place, Jelsa.

We recommend Eos to families, friends, and romantic, poetic souls, but also to those that are fans of luxury with a difference.

Eos allows you to achieve complete inner peace and gives you the opportunity to remember the long lost and much needed unity of man and nature and that is its biggest value. Gifts that Eos selflessly gives are priceless.

It is a perfect place for those who are in search of their true self. To those who already know who they are will help affirm their knowledge.


*In case you want to use the basketball, volleyball and bocce courts, let us know in email and owner will prepare the courts for you. 

Love at First Sight

She was sweet but a bit complicated lady. Although it seemed she had everything one could wish for she was not entirely happy.

Reason for her discontent was her unsuccessful search for a perfect sunrise. To some, this problem might sound ridiculous, but Eos suffered immensely even though he realized the ambiguity of her unsuccessful quest. Her beloved husband felt her unhappiness growing each time after they would return home from their journeys, but there was little he could do about it.

One random evening Eos mentioned her longtime problem to their friends over dinner. She felt she was fully entitled to dissatisfaction since early mornings determined the rest of the day. Their friends laughed, all but one, who advised her to visit a place where he spent some time not so long ago. Although skeptical, Eos took the advice. 

She arrived at the villa late at night and set the alarm for the early morning. Eos slept restless. As soon as the alarm rang she got up and went to the spacious house terrace surrounded by green vastness.

In a far distance, behind the fairytale landscape that surrounded the large estate, she stood facing east. Full of curiosity and latent hope, Eos finally saw the first sunray slowly rising and leading the way for the rest.

In that particular moment Eos knew she left all her dissatisfactions and all her fears behind.

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