In the vicinity to all Hvar town facilities and yet hidden from all the prying eyes, indomitable Dionysus promises an unforgettable love between You and The Island. The location offers spectacular seaviews, while colours of the surrounding scenery make a perfect setting for a passionate holiday affair.

Villa Features

Villa Dionysus is situated directly on the waterfront in the bay Uljeni Bok.

Uljeni Bok bay is located on the western edge of Hvar Town, in the beautiful green scenery of a private National Park. Villa Dionysus has a separate automatic doors inside the park as it’s entrance and after the entrance, the road leads to the bay. There are only 6 houses in total in the bay. Since Dionysus is not the only house in the bay, please respect the house rules - loud noise is not allowed after 10 pm. Also - regardless of the fact that you've rented a villa with a private pier, other boats and people may also be present on other piers in the bay, and they cannot be banned access to it since the bay is not private.

Villa Dionysus is built 1974, reconstructed 2010, of a famous white stone from Brač and Hvar in a rustic Mediterranean style. Dionysus is surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean plants, pines, palm trees and divine flowers.

Please keep in mind that Dionysus is not a villa from the VIP section, which means it is not a high-end luxury villa. What is luxury about Dionysus is definitely its location, one of the most beautiful on Hvar. 

Total area of the interior is 300 m2 large and of the outer area 600 m2 large. 

Villa has in total six double bedrooms for twelve people and one apartment for service.

On the First Sea Level you will find a beautiful private waterfront pier built of white Brač stone, measuring 8m x 8m, with two bollards for the boats. It is possible to anchor the boats up to 25 m. On the side there are stairs as entrance in the sea for swimming. To the right there is a little shallow shoreline for children.

Along the waterfront there is a first room for two people size 4m x 2m and a bathroom 2m x 2m with shower and toilet. Can be used for sleeping or as a storage for the beach accessories.

Above that is a Level One, seating area with cushions and a low table. On the side there are two wine refrigerators and a sink with running water. All equipped with lights to illuminate the Level One, waterfront and the sea for mooring of the boat at night.

On the Second Level is a stone table with ten chairs, used for outdoor breakfast, lunch or dinner. On the left side, about 15 meters, there is a room with a toilet, bidet and washing machine.

On the Third Level there are two apartments (master bed, wardrobes, commodes). Each apartment has its own bathroom (toilet, sink, shower). At the same level is a fully equipped kitchen and a separate indoor dining room with a table, chairs, cabinet and large fridge.

In front of the full length of the house is a large covered terrace with loungers for relaxation and chilling, surrounded by colours and scents of Mediterranean plants mingled with a sea breeze.

On the Fourth Level is a large balcony 18m x 6m, of which 3 meters in width is covered, with external chairs and seating bench. Next to the balcony is a terrace with a table for twenty people. Interior space of the Fourth Level consists of one living room, three double bedrooms with matrimonial beds and two bathrooms with shower units. In the 2021 season, Fourth Level gets a third bathroom, so each bedroom on this floor has its own bathroom.

Fifth Level is a low loft double bed apartment with bathroom - used for service people taking care of the house and the guests.

In the 2020 season, Dionysus finally gets a private pool on one of the villa's terraces, so it boasts a full treatment of clients who know what they want and aren't afraid to ask!

Hvar Town is 2,5 km distance. If guests do not have their own car, they have the possibility of renting one in our agency or even using owner's Jeep Grand Cherokee (not included in a rental price) for the transport at any time when they want to visit Hvar Town, restaurants and sightseeing.

For transport by sea there are on call taxi boats that will come in quickly to the home pier to take you to any restaurant on Hvar Island, some other islands or Split airport.

Rental price includes a caretaker at your service; he will take care of daily maintenance, umbrellas, bringing drinks etc. The villa owner will always be at your service too - he is simply that type of guy, very helpful. If you don’t wish to see the owner of the villa you’ve rented, then this villa is not the best choice for you.

Upon request a permanent cook or catering service can be arranged. We will be glad to suggest the best ones should this be of interest.

In case you prefer the hustle and bustle of the city, restaurants and going out  and at the same time you don’t want to give up your beautiful peaceful oasis surrounded by crystal clear sea, Dionysus will be your best friend on your next vacation.

Love at First Sight

Every year was the same. Yet another birthday. He could not understand why such an excitment of his girlfriend and the small group of selected friends. He could understand her, she knew him briefly, but them? Why all the fuss, they knew him as a man who despised birthday customs.

While nervous thoughts collided in his head, island 's roads weaved through beautiful landscapes, accompanied on the left with azure blues and beautiful greens on the right, stunning vistas were changing in an instant; everything was reminiscent of a movie script . The group in the car was excitedly cheering. Dionysus was still grim. They passed the town of Hvar and continued to ride on.

Dionysus began to wonder where on earth were they taking him. He didn’t particularly like surprises either. If we were to be honest, apart from diving where he could switch off the outside world, that gentleman truly enjoyed very few things.

The car came to the entrance of something that reminded him of a green paradise. He rubbed his eyes and thought how beautiful it was. The path led to the cascading house by the sea. He looked at the girlfriend who was looking at him with trepidation. He smiled and gently patted her on the head. Dionysus seemed to be happy, but he was not quite sure.

Whilst they walked along the terraces which offered magnificent views, somehow they lost their friends. They arrived alone to the terrace on the first floor where was a large transparent package on the table. He looked puzzled . Did we forget to mention how sensitive, despite his name, Dionysus was? This is why he loved diving, he could let it all go...

In the package was a wetsuit. Best yet, the one that he has long wanted. Dionysus had everything but time. 

He unfolded a decorative ribbon while his girlfriend looked upon with gentle eyes. He was thinking how he misjudged this woman. A careful observer would notice two small tears glistening in his eyes. He put the unwrapped package on the table and strongly embraced her, suddenly quite sure how lucky he was.

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