Do you know the feeling of being totally different from others? Arete knows this feeling well, and if you don’t know it already, it will be clearer to you once you meet Arete. Arete lives on the outskirts of the town of Hvar, has a killer view, and is completely different from others.

Villa Features

Arete does not bear its name for no reason. If you are a curious spirit and like to google and learn, you can learn that Arete means excellence of any kind. And indeed – in villa Arete, you will find excellence in every respect.

The property of approximately 1000m2, with a house spanning over 180m2, is located on a small hill overlooking the town of Hvar and the Hvar archipelago, including the Pakleni islands.

The villa has 4 stars, which is another proof of how funny these stars are because in reality, Villa Arete deserves all the tourist stars, plus a few more from the sky.

Arete, in short, has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 1 toilet; it can accommodate 7 people because it has 3 matrimonial beds, but also one single pull-out sofa.

We enter the villa through a large backyard, that is, a private parking of the villa that can accommodate 3 cars. The door leads into a short hallway, which very quickly opens into a spacious open plan living room with a kitchen and dining area. This space has a glass wall to the front from floor to ceiling and overlooks the terrace, pool, and the town of Hvar. In general, this space gives the impression that you are located in front of an unusually large TV screen with 24/7 live streaming. In addition, the interior is so simple, minimalist, and yet so stylish and radiant that nothing in it draws your gaze from the essential – and that is the view. On the other hand, the space has everything you need to be comfortable, to feel good, whether with your first morning coffee or while chilling in the living room during a siesta.

From the hallway to the left, you enter another small hallway that leads to the part of the terrace on the left side of the house, where you’ll find a kitchenette unlike anywhere else on Hvar because the wall you will be looking at while roasting meat or fish was painted by a famous Croatian artist, while the kitchen itself is very basic, but equipped with a top grill.

If you return to the house, take the hallway again or go through the terrace to the living room – the stairs from the hallway to the right will take you to the first floor of villa Arete, where you will find three bedrooms and two bathrooms. All three bedrooms are beautiful, warm, and cozy, with fine materials and neutral colors, except for a few vibrant details such as paintings on the walls or chairs.

We will pay special attention to the master bedroom because it too is blessed with a large glass wall, that is, a screen with a live broadcast; what makes it different from the one on the ground floor is that the program manager upstairs is even better than the one downstairs. Of course, nothing in life is perfect so even here the perfect view will be hindered by a less ideal house than Arete, but let's ignore the imperfections and focus on the generally amazing picture in front of us. There are few locations in Hvar where you can say you have the town of Hvar in the palm of your hand, and this is definitely one of them.

And if you like to blend beauty with beauty or combine various sensory inputs, lay in the big bath in the master bedroom while watching Hvar's live streaming – all those sunrises and sunsets, boats entering and leaving the port of Hvar, the sea that embraces Hvar from the left, the Fortica fortress, and verdant hills that flank the city from the right…

Lest we forget, from the master bedroom you can go out on a long balcony with a glass panel so that nothing disturbs our live TV program.

We cannot decide whether the master bedroom or the terrace on the ground floor of the villa, where there is a 28-square meter turquoise infinity pool with inground pool steps, is the highlight of this property.

Speaking of the terrace and pool, the sundeck around the pool is equipped with neutral and minimalistic outdoor furniture, a dining table and beach chairs, perfect for sunbathing. The manicured garden in front of the villa is covered with fragrant, autochthonous lavender bushes, a well-known signature of Hvar island. Apart from lavender, you will find some other Mediterranean plants in the garden such as palm trees, for example. All of this together blends perfectly with the villa itself.

Let’s now finish this TV broadcast and leave you to the booking process. If you choose villa Arete, you could have very nice vacation photos and brag to your friends that you are vacationing in one of the currently most modern Hvar villas in terms of architecture. Although we ourselves are big fans of tradition, we love Arete and love architectural solutions like this one, precisely because the result is completely different from others...

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