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Village of Jagodna

You chose Hvar for your holiday destination? Congrats! You chose wisely. And in case you feel more like Robinson Crusoe than Paris Hilton, let us tell you a bit more about southern side of the island. 

Picture this:

You got off the ferry and you are heading south. By the way, we hope you have your car with you, but in case you don’t – no problem what so ever – you can rent one in our agency.

So, where were we? Yes, you are heading south and after a short ride through this beautiful, picturesque, little village of Pitve you enter the tunnel which somewhat resembles the Batman cave. 

The tunnel is 1400 m long and has a purpose of not only transferring you to the other side of the island, but also of transferring you to the whole different kind of life. A life in which you are able to leave all your worries behind and enjoy the world where Mother Nature is kind and loving and where lives are lead in accordance with and to the soundtrack of nature.

Once you are out of the tunnel you stumble upon this breathtaking view of the islands Šćedro and Korčula, as well as Pelješac peninsula. You are able to see pebble beaches, pine forests, houses by the sea and vineyards on such steep slopes that they are almost defying gravity.

To make the long story short – you enter paradise!

Bojanić Bad & Jagodna

There are two places worth mentioning in between Sv. Nedjelja and Ivan Dolac – a place called Bojanić Bad and Jagodna.

Same as in all the other southern places, the best features of these places are crystal clear sea, pebble beaches and untouched surrounding nature.

However, what is special here and what you can’t get everywhere else on the island is a peace of mind. Because the access to these places is somewhat challenging there are no too many tourists there. You definitely won’t have to struggle to find your place under the sun, especially if you visit during low season. 

If you get tired of solitude, if you find yourself in a need of a grocery store or you are tired of cooking and want to eat out – hop in a car and in five minutes time you’ll be in Ivan Dolac or in Sv. Nedjelja.

If, however, a party animal inside of you wakes up – just head west and in about half an hour drive you’ll get to Hvar Town. If you prefer driving on a paved road - head in the opposite direction, towards east, and in about 15 minutes you will get to Jelsa. Ten minutes more and you will reach Stari Grad town.


And lets not forget, choices for recreation are numerous along the south side of the island. From free climbing to cycling, hiking, walking, diving, surfing… Throw a hook into the sea and catch yourself a dinner, return to your roots when things weren’t so accessible.

But, well, it‘s up to you to decide what makes you happy. 

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Cottage Ceres

Jagodna, sleeps 8 from: €180

An old stone house built more than 300 years ago, cottage Ceres, is located on the southern slopes of the island blessed with the highest number of sunny days per year. It is placed in the area that is abundant with heavenly beaches and a view so beautiful it almost hurts to look at it...

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