As our reader, you already know that we are all about the beauty of nature, the beauty of our island, and our guests are those who like to spend their free time and vacation in exclusive private villas surrounded with nothing but the best that Hvar island has to offer.

We do feel obligated to inform you about some traveling information since we are receiving so many questions is it possible to travel to Croatia. So this is more of an informational blog based on your requests, and we hope that you will find it useful to make your decision about visiting us soon. 

Villa Selene in the mirror

Villa Selene In The Mirror

We understand the anxiety behind your decision about travel, and your wish and a desperate need for the feeling that life is back to normal. We all feel the same, and the best thing to do right now is to adjust and not allow this situation to change us negatively. Losing the first half of the year to fear, and waiting for life to ”start” again was hard enough.


Hvar Island

You need to know is that our Government and Croatia National Tourist Board made great efforts to ensure answers to all visitor's questions to ensure a more relaxed holiday and a safe and pleasant stay whilst in Croatia. 

1. We already wrote about the health situation in Croatia and the Hvar island. The situation in the whole county is now even better, and we can happily say that the island of Hvar from the very beginning was a CORONA FREE island. The excellent news isn’t it!?

2. From the very beginning, the measure of self-isolation is no longer imposed on any passengers upon border crossing when entering the Republic of Croatia.

3. In the last couple of days, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Tourism have launched the new EnterCroatia website app. The goal of this app is to reduce border congestion and increase traffic flow when entering the country. All you need to do is to fill the online form before your arrival and print the announcement certificate which needs to be displayed on the windshield of your vehicle to facilitate the border crossing. 

villa selene

Villa Selene

4. Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) is acutely aware that Croatian tourism largely depends on the air traffic which has now been established with Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen to Zagreb and Frankfurt to Split. The best way to travel to Hvar is via Split.

Currently, the EU states plan is for all borders in Europe to go back to normal on June 15th. From that date, we expect more frequent flights from European destinations to Croatia. For more detailed information about flights, you can follow Croatian Aviation portal, Eurowings.

Given that the borders between EU member states should open from June 15, Croatia Airlines is re-launching routes to many European destinations from and to Croatia. The company has started to put tickets on sale. 

5.CNTB, together with the Ministry of the Interior and Croatian Institute of Public Health, is continuously observing and reporting on the epidemiological situation in Croatia, which is currently excellent even after the initial opening of its borders. 

We all have the same goal to go back to normal as before COVID-19 for all world citizens. 

Villa Plutus

Villa Plutus 

6. If you require a daily update, please download the free Viber app where you can read and ask all the information about entering Croatia.

Once you arrive at the Island of Hvar as our guests, you can relax. We are here for you. Our concierge service will take care of all your needs, from transport to individual wishes, and we will make sure that your vacation is a memorable one.

All the properties in the Villas Hvar collection provide upgraded health and sanitation measures. At any moment, we can ensure safe grocery delivery with no physical contact for all our clients.

Villa Selene in the mirror

Villa Selene In The Mirror

Returning to nature after the COVID-19 lockdown and the restrictions is a new luxury, and there is no better choice than the island of Hvar and what we at Villas Hvar have to offer.

We hope you found the answers you are looking for in this blog, but do contact us for any additional information.

Stay safe and we will be happy to have you here, on Hvar island, soon.