Selene In The Mirror sounds familiar? Because it is. We have found it in not such a hidden place, right next to Selene. Selene In The Mirror is wild and untamed, yet of a top classical style. Selene ITM is, in fact, a newer, better version of pure desire, only in the mirror. 

Villa Features

The story of Selene In The Mirror is a simple story of the first villa Selene, and it is located right next to the first villa Selene. Honestly, we can’t be bothered to write a new description – that would be pointless since these two sisters are actually twins. Both areas cover 1000 m2, and both villas spread over 230 m2. The main difference is that the garden of Selene In The Mirror is larger since the house is more drawn in and it has a larger lawn. The owner says that guests love to lie on the grass at night and gaze at the stars. We believe him – who wouldn’t love that?

The area of Selene In The Mirror has a better view of the sea and it is open on the eastern side, so the villa is surrounded with olive groves, which leaves the impression of remoteness and pristine nature, even though it is located in the town of Hvar. Also, Selene In The Mirror has a slightly higher-end equipment, so you’ll be able to use, for example, Villeroy & Boch crockery. Let's not forget high end stereo system B&W to entertain your ears inside and outside. The heated pool is the size of 9x4 meters, the same as in villa Selene, but this pool has an attractive accessory – a Jacuzzi.

This villa is, in fact, like an upgraded version of the iPhone – the previous one (villa Selene) was good enough, but the new one is slightly better. The description goes as follows.

The villa Selene In The Mirror is a completely new stone house the size of 230m2. It was completed in 2017. The villa is located at the entrance to the city of Hvar, at a place where nature meets the first houses of Hvar town. If you are taking the new road from the direction of Stari Grad to arrive to Hvar - before you reach the houses, you will take the branch on the left, follow the road, go around the first house (no, that is not your villa!), and take another few meters until you reach the parking spot of the villa Selene In The Mirror, next to the villa Selene.

The parking area is large enough for 6 cars. The house in front of you is the villa that will pamper you and look after you while you enjoy your vacation. After you get out of your car, you will immediately see the entrance door that leads you to the lovely anteroom of the villa. On the left side there are stairs that will take you to the first floor, but let us first explore the ground floor.

Immediately on the left from the entrance door, there is a door that leads to the bedroom with two single beds (90cm x 200cm).

Directly in front of you there is a door that leads to the first bedroom with a double bed (180cm x 200cm). That room has a balcony door through which you can reach the terrace, garden and pool area. The door on the right leads you to the first bathroom with a shower, while on the left there is an entrance without door that leads you to an open plan living room/dining room/kitchen area.

In a spacious room there is a beautiful, wooden, tailor-made, fully equipped kitchen. It has a dining table for six with additional room for two more people at the counter. There is also a lounge area with leather furniture, a TV, and a handmade table made of wood and iron where you can relax… All in all, this is a very pleasant space for an indoor vacation when you have to stay inside because of the rain. No, we are not saying that it will rain, it will not. However, if it does rain… You can exit the living room through a glass door on the left and you will reach a spacious covered terrace with a beautiful fireplace made of stone, and an outdoor wooden dining table for eight. Through the large glass door you can leave the living room, i.e. dining room, and reach the terrace, garden and the pool area (as is the case with the bedroom).

If we go back to the anteroom and go to the already mentioned stairs that lead to the first floor – once we reach the first floor, there are three doors that lead us to three different rooms. Straight ahead there is the door that leads us to a small toilette/washing room with a washing machine.

The first door on the right leads to a smaller bedroom with a double bed (180cm x 200cm), an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray, glass balcony doors and a smaller balcony. The view, as it does in all the corners of the Villa Selene In The Mirror, falls on the calming blue color of the sea and the relaxing green color of the forest.

From the anteroom, the second doors on the right lead to a master bedroom with a double bed (180cm x 200cm), an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray, and a large balcony which you can see behind the glass balcony doors of the room. Because of the large glass door, both rooms are bright and airy despite of the abundance of wood and warm, brown color tones. What we especially like in the master bedroom is a specific Renaissance window that gives the room an additional romantic touch. 

The upper floor is also specific because of the slopes of the ceiling and the wooden beams that make the room seem warmer and more intimate. The lower floor also has the same wooden beams.

Selene In The Mirror abounds in rustic furniture, natural materials, wood, stone, simple lines, and relaxing tones. All rooms are wrapped in all the possible shades of brown, partly because of wood, and partly because of stone. Even the small, warm details abound in the warm brown color of the main story of the villa.

What breaks the continuity of brown colors in the interior are the fantastic paintings on the walls, glass walls through which you are entertained by the play of light and shadow, and the green-blue shades of nature which follow you throughout the villa and thus round off a lovely story of a very fine vacation during which everything is adapted to your needs and there is absolutely nothing that you lack.

The exteriors of the villa are intended for your enjoyment in the sunlight or moonlight, which is in fact completely irrelevant, the only relevant part is that you enjoy your vacation on stone terraces, green surfaces, in the lounges or in the spillover pool the size of 9m x 4m. Surrounded by luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation, and with a view of the sea, Pokonji Dol lighthouse, the island of Vis and Pakleni islands, you will forget about the time – at any time of the day or night, illuminated by the burning hot sun of the island of Hvar, or covered by thousands of stars, each time you will experience a different, but equally intense pleasure.

The distance from the center of the town of Hvar is cca 2 km so it would take you about 20 minutes on foot to arrive there or 2 minutes by car / taxi. If you wish to act in the newest episode of Indiana Jones or trace the steps of the local community, the distance to the beach Pokonji Dol is around 400 meters. Namely, there is a small road that runs through the forest (the maquis of the island of Hvar) and takes you from the villa to the beach. The people of Hvar call it a goat’s road or the road which goats travel on without any problems. However, they are sometimes joined by some tourists with an adventurous spirit. If you are not one of those tourists, the distance from the beach is again cca 20 minutes by foot or 2 minutes by taxi. 

You must not forget the villa’s sweet addition – when you wish to be on your own for a bit, and enjoy a micro-private world – near the pool there is a small, charming stone gazebo that can serve that purpose, along with many other purposes. The owner describes it as a charming gazebo with a fireplace in case you wish to stare at the moon covering the sea and listen to the sound of a burning fire while you feel the warmth of the hearth...

You are allowed to be creative. Selene loves it. 

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