Part II

Last week we presented the first 10 of our top 20 awe-inspiring properties all around Hvar. We chose those because of their design, their story, overall apearance, amenities they offer, location, but mostly their look and feel. They are more than just properties for rent - they are places with a distinct soul, and in most of those we would like to spend a better part of the year ourselves.

So, here is the second part of our top 20 villa selection, together with a reason why. Music is added to the mix, since we just love music, and feel that it is sometimes most accurate in representing how a certain space feels like. We introduced this musical pairing last year, and we plan to use it in the future. Because sometimes, words fail us, pictures don't do us justice, but music always manages to express the unimaginable.


Villa Nyx

There once was a lady so fair but lonely in her lovely stone house with walls so perfectly suited for free climbing, and windows large enough to let a hipster prince through. And happen it did one night. The hipster couple lived happily ever after in a pool with a jacuzzi and a view of the Hvar fortress.

Location: Hvar

Room for: 5

More at: Villa Nyx

The feeling you’ll be getting:


Villas Moirae L, B and U

Once upon a time, there were three goddesses, with lovely, pleasant, even hedonistic destinies. All three fell in love with the town of Stari Grad and built themselves a surprisingly beautiful place to relax about 2 kilometers from the town, a place where they and their guests could stimulate all their senses. This is the story of Moirae L, U and B.

Location: Stari Grad

Room for: 8 (Moirae L), 8 (Moirae B), 10 (Moirae U)

More at:

Villa Moirae L

Villa Moirae B

Villa Moirae U

The feeling you’ll be getting:


Villa Phaunos

If among all the villas in Hvar we had to choose one where we’d like to live the whole year round, it would definitely be Phaunos. About 50 meters from a wonderful pebble beach, fully covered in glass and in the middle of a pine forest, Villa Phaunos is the dream of every lover of contemporary architecture, as well as wild, pristine nature.

Location: Basina

Room for: 8

More at: Villa Phaunos

The feeling you’ll be getting: 


Villa Theia

This divine combination of an amazing island and one of the most beautiful villas in general leaves nobody indifferent. Villa Theia is truly one of those places you just have to fall in love with, it is inevitable and it is for life. Warning! Be prepared to become addicted to beauty.

Location: Hvar

Room for: 10

More at: Villa Theia

The feeling you’ll be getting: 


Villas Hermes Blue and Green

Hvar's winner in the categories of passion, luxury, location, interiors, the view, and details in the year 2021, and possibly in the years to come, are two twin villas, Hermes Green and Hermes Blue. They will provide those who select at least one of them an unforgettable experience of a perfectly luxurious Hvar vacation. And what exactly does Hermes Green offer us?

Location: Hvar

Room for: 10 (Hermes Green), 10 (Hermes Blue)

More at:

Villa Hermes Green

Villa Hermes Blue

The feeling you’ll be getting: 


Villa Prometheus

If we were to choose our favorites, Prometheus would surely be shortlisted. The first reason is of aesthetic nature – contemporary architecture, minimalist interiors, and design details. Another reason would be the location – we love the sun and pebble beaches, the peace of small towns, and the vibrant energy of the south. Prometheus has it all.

Location: Sveta Nedelja

Room for: 6

More at: Villa Prometheus

The feeling you’ll be getting: 


Villa Nereus

A gentleman with a refined sense of charm and joie de vivre once came to our island. He fell hopelessly in love with the town of Hvar and decided to buy a house by the sea that will become a wonderful fusion of the French Riviera and Dalmatian dreams, an ode to the modern Mediterranean.

Location: Hvar

Room for: 16

More at: Villa Nereus

The feeling you’ll be getting: 


Cottage Nesoi

From time to time we have the special pleasure of including a property specific for its location in the Villas Hvar collection. You will hardly find a property for rent on Hvar island that is CLOSER to the sea than cottage Nesoi. It is so close to it that it might as well be a boat…

Location: Zavala

Room for: 4

More at: Cottage Nesoi

The feeling you’ll be getting:


Villa Hera

Hera positioned herself at the heights of the island where she enjoys marvelous sea views from her stone terraces surrounded by the shades of the magical color spectrum and fragrances that exist only in heaven and on Hvar. Everyone is in love with Hera, but beautiful Hera is in love with Zaraće. 

Location: Zaraće

Room for: 6

More at: Villa Hera

The feeling you’ll be getting:


Villa Chaos

Chaos is one of the best pieces of news in 2018, exciting on the inside as well as on the outside. It bears the name Chaos for a reason – it reminds us of "the nothingness that all else sprung from" and a god who filled the gap between Heaven and Earth. An extraordinary place to stay at indeed.

Location: Hvar

Room for: 6

More at: Villa Chaos

The feeling you’ll be getting:



Thalassa is a small gem among the villas of Hvar and the luxury it offers is invaluable – not only for its divine position but also for its amazingly styled interior, wonderful terraces that surround it, and the gorgeous foliage it literally basks in. Pleasure at absolutely every moment is highly guaranteed. 

Location: Basina

Room for: 6

More at: Villa Thalassa

The feeling you’ll be getting:

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