What are you dreaming about during those hot summer days when the sun warms up the air to 40 degrees in the shade, and without a breath of wind, your brain is crying for relief? 

If you ask me, I am thinking of leaping from the porch into the clear turquoise sea, followed by enjoying cold cocktails in the shadow of the pinewood with the hypnotic concerto of crickets. This is summer life at its best!

Finding a house next to the beach and jump into the clear turquoise sea for refreshment whenever you want during summer vacation seems like the best solution.

Where can you find something unique right here in Europe? 

Lots of people talk about the beauty of Croatia and the island of Hvar, describing it as paradise on earth. 

On the island of Hvar, you can find accommodation like a villa or a small, comfortable house next to the beach. 

cottage Helios

Cottage Helios is the summer cottage of your dreams, located in true paradise on earth. Only 10 meters from the beautiful beach Zastražišće, the cottage is the only house in the whole bay. Surrounded by pinewood and pristine nature where you can smell pinewood in the air and hear the songs of the ever-present crickets.

As one would expect, the cottage is fully furnished, with a perfect blend of modern and traditional decor, all made in solid wood and entirely environmentally friendly. Amazing!


Helios is perfect for a family vacation or if you were to invite our friends along.

Those 3 km of the unsurfaced road leading to the cottage isn't a problem. As guests of Helios, you can use the cottage's Jeep, which is a great convenience

Cottage Oceanus is only 15 meters from the beach.

Cottage Oceanus is really different from Cottage Helios, being a stone throw away from one of the most beautiful beaches on Hvar, in Dubovica cove. 

cottage Oceanus

Oceanus is unique as a family cottage built in the 19th century in the true  Mediterranean style. It is probably needless to describe it, as its images tell the story better than a 1000 words could…

Its only 7 km from Stari Grad on the main Stari Grad – Hvar road followed by a short walk down a fairly steep gravel path to the house. But don't worry, there is a concierge service that will help you with your luggage and belongings.


Villa Chaos. Remarkably it is different from the last two. Not only is it 120 meters from the beach, but it has a swimming pool, and it is totally new. 

It was built during 2017/18 on the plot of an older, much smaller house. 


It is named Chaos for a reason. The Villa uniquely blends the authenticity and Mediterranean tradition with modern, urban details that occasionally veer towards hipsterism. 

Villa Chaos offers an enjoyment of both worlds – situated in peaceful, pristine nature in contrast with the décor matching the excitement of a town’s hustle and bustle.


Villa Chaos is only 6 km drive away from downtown Hvar, with its exuberant nightlife. But as the villa is located 400 meters off the main road, there are no road noises that reach it, only the sounds of crickets and the sea in the distance.

Hvar Island really looks like paradise on Earth.

Maybe this would be your first vacation on the island of Hvar, but it won't be the last.

After your vacation, you will understand why.