And now for something completely different. Oceanus has found its spot on one of the most beautiful beaches on Hvar, in Dubovica cove, where the sea kisses the sky. For anyone who knows Hvar, this is where the story ends, and nothing more has to be said. Others should simply book Oceanus. Right now.

Cottage Features

Oceanus is basically a true family villa from the 19th century, located adjacent to a heavenly beach. The interesting bit is that one genuine villa was classified under Cottages, but we have our reasons. Oceanus is not a luxury home but a true, warm family home by the sea. Oceanus is a real Mediterranean story; Oceanus really is Mediterranean as it once was. And that’s why we love it. This house can rightfully be followed with a #trueluxury hashtag.

Speaking in numbers, Oceanus is located about 20 meters from the sea, that is, a beach with beautiful, regular-shaped stone pebbles. In the last several years, the house was fully reconstructed and refurbished; the house has a surrounding yard covering 420m2, 160m2 of interior space, and 400m2 in terraces and balconies – this means that there is incredibly plenty room for sunbathing in total privacy, for playing cards, resting, reading, meditating, doing yoga or enjoying healthy Mediterranean meals while the pine branches sway and the waves climb up your way…

You get to Oceanus using the Stari Grad – Hvar road and stopping after the tunnel at a roadside before the Dubovica cove, then walking down a steep gravel path towards the house. Anything worthy in life is worth putting in effort. Don’t worry, upon arrival the owner will transport your luggage to the house; he uses the same gravel path to drive, but he doesn’t dare let anyone else use it since its unsafe, particularly for beginners.

And now for a description of Oceanus.

After several steps, the main entrance to the house takes you to the central large terrace with an outside dining table and a large stone barbecue. From the terrace, you enter the kitchen – a fully equipped, spacious one – dish washer, fridge, oven, water cooker, electric kettle, coffee machine; the owners will gladly get any additional appliance you might need. The dining room is located next to the kitchen, as an extension of the same room, and there you’ll find a dining table, naturally, but also a SAT TV, just in case someone wishes to watch TV right in the middle of heaven.

From this space, you take the left to enter a hallway, with doors to the left and right leading to respective bedrooms and doors to the front opening to a spacious bathroom and a separate toilet. On this floor, you’ll find three bedrooms with matrimonial beds. Two bedrooms exit to a joint long balcony, offering a view of the olive grove. The third bedroom has an en-suite bathroom with a shower and a washing machine. Each bedroom has its own AC.

You reach the fourth and largest bedroom with a matrimonial bed on the second floor by going around the house since the room is located in the back. This room is actually a spacious studio since it has a kitchenette and an en-suite bathroom. Its windows face the sea, olive groves, and the fascinating surrounding hills carved in stone. These are the views that will follow you throughout your stay at Oceanus.

Let us just mention that stone, wood, natural materials, and earthy and white shades dominate Oceanus, fully in line with the gorgeous, God-given nature that Oceanus literally hugs from all sides. What we are not thrilled about are plastic rattan chairs, but we understand the practicality behind this choice for a house only 20 meters away from the sea!

At the end, after you’ve enjoyed the blessings of the house, the comfort of its terraces shrouded in foliage, in all of its divine views and swimming on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – cook a fish or two for dinner on the fireplace and step into the dining room: there you’ll see a small door in the floor, a door leading to the secret world of the owner’s wines – maraština, plavac, rose… 

Oh my, how lucky you are, if only you’d know.

PS. Good news are - you don’t have to cook if you don’t feel like cooking. In the cove cca 150 meters further, there is the Dubovica konoba and the Duba beach bar. You practically don’t have to leave the cove throughout the vacation. We don’t see why you should. If you’re in need of groceries - the owner will gladly bring whatever you order from the supermarket. Everything is already in place. The only piece of the puzzle missing is you.

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