Imagine a small, gorgeous Mediterranean cove somewhere in the warm south; a cove with turquoise, crystal-clear sea, the scent of pinewood, and the hypnotic concerto of crickets. Imagine a cottage in that cove, so adorable you’d almost eat it. Imagine that the adorable cottage and the beautiful cove are here only for you. La vita è bella.

Cottage Features

If you plan a vacation away from the noise and stress of everyday life, Helios could be an ideal place for you. The sounds of pristine nature are your only companion while you are relaxing on the pebbled, sun-kissed beach or in the deep shade of oh-so-green pine trees right by the crystal-clear sea. All this magic will recharge your batteries to the fullest as very few things could.

Helios was built in 1936 as a field house and was completely renovated in 2016 into the beautiful stone house we see today. The plot the cottage is built on covers 130,000 square meters. The size of the cottage itself is 92 square meters, with 180 square meters of uncovered terrace, and 35 square meters of covered terrace in front. The cottage is the only house in the whole bay. This means you’ll be granted the privacy of a sheik. Admit it, you must’ve wondered what it felt like. You’ll know once you stay in Helios.

Helios is, by the way, perfect for family vacations as well as friendly gatherings.

Let’s see what exactly we can expect from this place. The ground floor has an open-floor design and consists of a kitchen with a dining room, a living room, and a toilet. The kitchen, as well as the rest of the cottage, is a perfect blend of modern and traditional, all based in solid wood. The dining room features a wooden dining table that fits eight people. The living room has a big pull-out sofa, a flat screen TV, and an indoor fireplace. Each room of the cottage has a spectacular view of the sea!

The bedrooms are spacious and located on the first floor of the cottage. Helios has two bedrooms, each equipped with a matrimonial bed, one futon, a wardrobe, a flat-screen TV, and an A/C unit. The bathroom is located in between the two bedrooms and features a big shower.

The property has a covered terrace with an outdoor dining set that fits eight people and a fireplace with a grill. The cottage is surrounded by olive groves and lavender seedlings.

The bay is isolated enough that it still has no connection to the city water and electricity grid. Electricity is generated by solar panels placed on the property. Running water is supplied from a big water tank located in the vicinity of the cottage.

The road to the cottage Helios is not asphalted (approx. 3 km), so it can be problematic for most cars to arrive to the property from the main road. That being said, the villa comes equipped with a Jeep guests can use for the duration of their stay (fuel is not included in the price). The price of the villa also includes the use of a little boat (fuel is not included in the price). A perfect Mediterranean holiday, just perfect. You can even catch your own fish for lunch, if you decide to!

While Jelsa and the whole north side of the island of Hvar are very lovely, but less exposed to the sun and its warmth, the south side is more exposed and is therefore ideal for a vacation in spring and autumn, as well as the summer. This is another reason why we can recommend Helios, located on the south side of the island, half-way between Sućuraj and Jelsa, in the pristine cove of Zastražiće village.

This is both one of the loveliest small bays on the island and one of the least populated ones. With incredible turquoise sea, cliffs crafted by wind and the waves, the intoxicating scent of Mediterranean foliage including concerto of crickets in untouched nature, Helios will offer an unforgettable and unique holiday experience for every single lucky one who happens to come by.

If we add the fact the Helios is a true eco-house that uses renewable sources of energy and that is dominated by natural materials such as stone and wood, we can say that this is one of the rare places in Hvar where you can still experience Mediterranean as it once was. Do it while you still have a chance.

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