Once upon a time there was a small town by the sea from which a small green road led to a small village on a small hill. In the village there was a small stone house surrounded by greenery, with a tiny green road veering from the house to the beach against which emerald green sea splashed its waves.

Cottage Features

Cottage Thrasos is located in a small picturesque village of Rudine among traditional Dalmatian stone houses surrounded by endless greenery and charming country roads. Thrasos will be an ideal vacation spot for those who seek peace and quiet, a return to the nature, the traditional Mediterranean scenery, and the atmosphere of a small place – but at the same time, the pleasure of enjoying all the comforts of a modern, comfortable, and excellently equipped accommodation.

When talking about the exterior, Thrasos is a typical small Mediterranean stone house with a rich history that dates back to 1678. In order to achieve a high quality living space according to the modern criteria of construction, the owner literally took the house apart and put it back together as a faithful replica of the original. He was done with all the work in 2011.

The contemporary interior of Cottage Thrasos covers the total area of 57 m2, with 38 m2 reserved for the ground floor, 19 m2 for the mezzanine, and 10 m2 for the terrace.

After you leave your car at the private parking area around 20 meters away and reach the cottage – on the right side you will see your green terrace – in front of you there will be a couple of stairs which will lead you to your little empire; an empire in which wood and stone make love at every turn. The result is a warm welcome of a well-designed space which is playful enough to encourage you to start playing as well.

The front door leads you to an elevated area of the dining room that continues directly to the kitchen, and with the help of approximately ten iron-wooden stairs located on the right, you can climb to the bedroom, i.e. the gallery. The gallery is covered by a sloping wooden roof – and the presence of exposed wood in the interior is something we always support.  The bedroom has a double bed the size of 160 x 200.

The gallery also has one extra toilet on a well-thought-out location – because (we assume) no one wish to climb up and down the stairs during the night! Since it is daytime now - we are going back to the dining room, and then, using two stairs on the left (by the front door), we will reach the lowest level of the house i.e. the central space of Thrasos, the living room.

Too bad it is not winter, the fireplace seems to be calling you to light a fire. The living room is spacious and comfortable, and it also has all the technology you need to have some fun if your decision is to spend your vacation inside the house. Furthermore, there is another door here that hides the main bathroom with a shower.

When renovating Thrasos, the owner did not spare on the windows, which is important when it comes to spaces with a lot of wood in the interior – you will have more than enough light, if that is what you wish. If you open the window next to the front door, you will see your lovely, small stone terrace dressed in green. Another outdoor dining table is located at the terrace.

Only a few steps away is the fireplace of grandma Milena. Grandma looks forward to every true lover of barbecue, so you should take advantage of this opportunity for a healthy diet. It is a fact that Hvar’s Mediterranean diet was inscribed on the UNESCO list of World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013. Your vital grandma next door is living proof of how healthy the local diet is.

Finally – do not forget to take a walk every day to your beautiful beach; it is only a ten minute walk down the road and a fifteen minute walk up the road. Who is fit? Our dear guests! Be cheerful and happy in Rudine. If you wish to go on an excursion – Stari Grad is two kilometers away, while Hvar is twenty kilometers away. You can do it in no time.

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