For all of those who wonder what "Out of Africa" would look like if it had been filmed on Hvar, the answer lies between two hamlets on a picturesque hill about a 10-minute drive from the town of Hvar. Cybele is the mistress of the wilderness and a healer.

Cottage Features


In 2024, only the main house with one bathroom, one bedroom with a double bed, one kitchen and a terrace is for rent. A third person can sleep on the sofa in the living room. Swimming pool, grill garden and parking lot to be shared between the residents of the buildings. For more information, contact us by email.


Cybele is an eco-farm that consists of two lovely, cozy cottages located between two villages, at 300 m above sea level, up in a beautiful green valley looking down on the open blue sea. Cybele might be best described as a charming-rustic-industrial home away from home. At this estate, everything is natural, and very real.

The entrance gate to the property is next to the old main road Stari Grad – Hvar (now bike route mostly) where the largest part (2400 m2) of this spacious eco-farm is located. There are olive trees, fruit trees, and a vegetable plot accounting for about 1000 m2 land. Around the cottages, there are lavender and palm trees, agave, cactus, oleander and many more Mediterranean plants and flowers.

The 40m2 of the main stone house and 25m2 of bungalow were built in 2017. The terrace around the main house covers 60m2 with a comfortable rustic table for 8 people. Outside, there is a 2.20m x 1.40m couch, hammocks, an open-air kitchen and grill. So, just everything you may need to prepare a healthy Mediterranean meal and afterwards relax with a good book and an even better view of the fresh air among the sounds of silence and colors of intoxicating surrounding nature.

The holiday part of the property covers, as we already wrote, 1000 m2 and it is perfect for a long spring – summer – autumn vacation. The pool is 28m2 and around the pool there is a 200m2 grassy area with outside armchairs and deck chairs. The view from the pool is just amazing!

In the main house is bedroom for 2 queen bed, living room with 2 separated bed, bungalow for 2 queen bed plus double bed (2020 updated version of all the beds in the cottage). 

The main house has a 20m2 south-side living room with the entrance in the middle; the same area has a fully equipped kitchen, a dining table for 4, and two couches (2.40 x 1.00 m and 2.00 x 0.80 m in the corner), very comfortable for one person to sleep if in need of an additional bed. The area has 4 windows, one of them 2m high, towards the sea so the view from this area is magical as well, and the connection with nature is uninterrupted while inside too. 

The doors of bedroom and bathroom are located in the living room, but there is another door separating the rooms as well. The 10m2 bedroom is on the east side with a matrimonial bed (1.60m) and wardrobes. The bathroom on the west side covers 10m2, with a bath-tub, a shower, a toilette, and a hidden washing machine.

All furniture is handmade, so unique and truly exclusive. All linen, kitchen and table cloths are made of natural materials. There are lots of cushions for outside as well.

The smaller cottage or the bungalow is located next to the main house, beautiful and airy, with a big glass front door 4 meters high. There is a bathroom, a baldachin matrimonial bed, and one more sofa bed. The fridge, wardrobe and table are also there.

The property has solar system electricity with an extra generator for hot water and air condition. Guests can use 1000 m2 land around the 2 cottages. The owners grow tomatoes, strawberries, different kinds of vegetables and fruit on their eco-farm surrounding the holiday property. This is free for the guests as well – for seasonal fruit and vegetables of course.

A private parking place is part of the property and bicycles are free to use.

Cybele is perfect for couples or families, in fact anybody in love with the natural and nature. Beautiful nature is all around. Of course, there are also some small animals too - like bees, flies, and mosquitos. You can also find spiders or harmless Croatian scorpions. There is a mosquito net to keep them outside from the cottages. The closest house is 2 km from the farm and the town of Hvar is a 10-minute drive away. Relax, enjoy, and have some extraordinary and unforgettable fun.

PS. For an extra cost, the owner offers to all her clients "soul food" dinner.



Around the property there is 2000 years old natural stone border but it is not closed. Sometimes are animal visitors. Typically you will get donkeys, hares, etc...

The house is in a beautiful natural remote location. There is no main electricity or water supply other than what we provide to offer a comfortable living situation. Please respect the environment by limiting the usage to the basic necessities. The electricity is generated by solar panels and there is a back up generator for rainy/cloudy days when the solar panels might not generate enough power.

Energy usage:

1. Please use the air-conditioning in daytime only. It is set at 24 degrees on power save mode up to 1 hour. This will cool the room down. In the nighttime the temperature is very pleasant and you can create a gentle breeze by opening the windows and fans.

2. The hot water holds 400 litres so should be enough for bath/shower and washing up.

3. Household appliances: please use the washing machine in the daytime only on sports setting (54mins cycle). Please don’t use the hoover, washing machine and coffee machine at the same time because the solar system can’t cope with that much power demand and will create a power cut.

Please note if you don’t follow these rules we cannot guarantee continuous power supply.

Pool area:

The pool is directly on the edge of the plot above the valley. Please do not lean on and do not climb the fence. Bees and dairies come to the water. We will do our best to keep them away, but we can not guarantee anything as nature is unpredictable. We can not take responsibility insect bites/stings etc. Use a pool alarm if you want the pool safe for your children or pet.

In the buildings:

If something gets damaged or breaks off it could be lost, please inform the owner immediately so she can fix everything for the arrival of the next guests. No equipment is allowed to leave the farm. Towels, blankets and other utensils must be used exclusively at Cottage Cybele and should not be taken to the beach, etc. Any damage made to furniture, equipment or accessories & soft furnishings (including mattress covers, cushions, blankets and towels, bedding etc) will be charged and deducted from your damage deposit by the owner.

Cottage Cybele is a true labour of love. Owner put her soul and heart in it day in and day out to better and maintain the house and the surrounding areas.
 As you can imagine in the dry summer heat of Croatia both the flower garden & the kitchen garden requires daily maintenance and watering.

The pool is being cleaned once a week on Saturdays to provide clean water for every new guest.

The buildings themselves might need some attention every now and then as with all properties in remote locations and especially with ecological solutions such as solar panel system etc.

Your comfort and privacy is our priority and we will make sure to respect that whilst carrying out the works above mentioned but please keep in mind when you make your booking that owner will require access to the grounds on a regular basis.

Thank you for your understanding!

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