If you want to elevate your holidays, you'll need the following - the right place (since any time is right), a fistful of personality, 2718 rays of sunshine, views according to taste, 132 m2 of positive energy, sea and stone as much as you need, a pinch of detail, and an infinite amount of passion. Themis has it all. 

Cottage Features

If you think that Themis got its name by accident, you are wrong.

Themis was the Titan goddess of divine law and order, i.e. the traditional rules of conduct first established by the gods. Indeed, such is the state of affairs in the area where you will be residing. That is a true contradiction because Themis is located in one of the liveliest places you could imagine – in the heart of Hvar, in the historic town core.

Every restaurant, store, bar, and club is only a blink of an eye away. However, that centuries-old stone house is on all sides surrounded by and tightly bound to its stone sisters, its guardians of peace and calm. It is difficult to disrupt its centuries-old dream, unless you are a true savage. Please have some respect for its age and rich history. It is not without a reason that the oldest Public Theatre in Europe is only a few steps away from it.

Just as Themis looks after you by giving you peaceful holiday moments in its energetically well-leveled space, the owner expects you to look after Themis, as it should be when you are a guest of a goddess of divine law and order.

Themis has a truly fascinating history as the house dates back to the fifteenth century. If you are a person of numbers – each floor covers the area of 40m2, and has balconies which cover the area of 7m2 and 5m2. If you are a person of emotions – in the house you will, without a doubt, feel a touch of some previous, much warmer and humane times. If you do not recognize the energies – work on it, knowing them can change your life for the better. Let Themis be a test.

For those of you who do not pass the test, and those are the ones who do not manage to feel different energies outside the house and inside it, we have prepared material evidence of the fascinating history of the house in the shape of a stone sink from the sixteenth century, i.e. the period of the Renaissance. The influence of Venice is visible in the way in which the stone sink was made and decorated. Below, in the text about Hvar, you can read more about the influence of Venice on Hvar, that is, if you are interested in history. It would be good if you were, because it is only in the context of history that you can perceive the true value of the space in which you are, in this case, spending your vacation.

Cottage Themis is only around fifty meters away from the sea, and the easiest way to reach it is to find the town’s post office and then turn to the first street on the left – since on the right side is the renowned waterfront of Hvar where all the famous ships of the world’s jet set bob. Few meters after you have turned left, take another turn to the left and there, in front of you, you will see fifteen stone stairs. Climb them slowly, step by step, and you will find yourself in front of the main entrance.

It is not about luxury, it is about personality.

Let us explore the first floor.

In front of you there is a door that leads to the bedroom with one single bed. The door located on the left leads to the lower bathroom with a shower tray, whereas the door located on the right leads to a bedroom with a double bed, and of course, a wardrobe. Every bedroom has a wardrobe, which, we believe, should be considered the standard.

However, we also know that wardrobes are an existential need in a town where you vacation and hence carry large amount of clothes that you will proudly display while taking a walk along the waterfront, in front of the already mentioned famous jet-set yachts. Those superficial customs of haughtiness sometimes cheer us up as well, which is why we understand you completely. If you haven’t already started to change your clothes, let us move on. From the anteroom on the left, eighteen stairs will take you from the first to the second floor.

We have reached the second floor. Relax a bit.

With the help of the already mentioned stairs, after a gentle arch, we reach the second floor. There we are welcomed by a highlight of the interior, as it is precisely in that space, in the very center of the house, that a spacious living room with a kitchen and a dining room is located. The space is very airy and bright, which is an absolute rarity when it comes to old city centers and stone houses where there is usually a lack of light and openings. In the case of Themis, owner was wise and thought it over – let there be light. And there was light.                           

Personally, what we are particularly fond of are the cute, warm, grey kitchen, the antique wooden cupboard with some beautiful, antique details, a supercool chandelier above the dining room table, and the library which makes this space so different from your typical vacation accommodation which Villas Hvar is not very fond of.  Villas Hvar loves Themis because it has the atmosphere of a home filled with tenderness.

A very cute addition to the central area of the house is a small balcony which you reach by exiting the dining room, and which overlooks the stone houses, the tiny streets, the sea… The last time we were on the balcony, in the side street someone was playing "Brucia La Terra" so beautifully and so appropriately to the moment in which the Sun began its game of hiding among the Pakleni islands located just across us, that we got completely lost in the moment, wondering how it was possible that there could be so much beauty at the same time in our little microcosm.

Let the games begin. We are now nearing the third floor.

Let us leave the middle part of the house and take the next eighteen stairs from the living room to the third floor or high attic. We immediately reach the bathroom with a shower tray, followed by two bedrooms. The first bedroom has a-person-and-a-half bed (i.e. a bed appropriate for one grown-up or two children). By passing through the first room, you reach the second room, which is completely private and has a double bed. When in the first room, by climbing three stairs, you can also reach the top balcony, which is the highlight of the exterior because from that balcony, over the old town roofs and stone walls, you can enjoy the view of the center of Hvar, the sea, the Pakleni islands, the boats moored in the port, the town’s ant-hill, and of the fortress Španjola.

Beautiful and peaceful Španjola, or Fortica for locals, is located high on the hill above the town from where calmly watches over the town’s turmoil, giving us the impression that the time stood still and that history has been endlessly repeating itself. All that remains for us to do is to be aware of all the moments that have been given to us by birth as a precious gift, and we are the only ones who can decide how to use them.

We bid you farewell.

Themis will most certainly be one of the best choices you have made. Promise us only one thing: you will be aware of each moment; you will not live in the past, you will not live in the future – you will live here and now, because that is everything you have without any doubt. We know that it is difficult to do so, but with a bit of concentration, it is not impossible.

We wish you a pleasant stay, as much as we wish you a pleasant life.

*Since Themis is located in the very city center, next to Hotel Riva and near Hotels Palace and Adriana, we can't help but ask ourselves what would be the point in booking a hotel room if you can enjoy the privacy of your own personal oasis for a lesser price at the same location?

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