Aren't you sometimes tired of searching for the perfect place that will fully meet all your criteria when it comes to going on vacation?

All you want is beautiful nature, crystal clear sea, and delicious food. And accommodation that will be a sight for your sore eyes, where you can feel entirely like you are at home.

This year is even more difficult because we all have many questions regarding health safety, so the decision on the destination to choose is a real little adventure in itself. 

The best option for your vacation this summer is renting a secluded luxury villa where you can enjoy all the things you need for a memorable holiday.

Our well-known Hvar island has it all.



Our villas are secluded, guaranteeing your peace and privacy.

Every villa enjoys unique and stunning views, much more beautiful and breath-taking than any exclusive hotel has.

The interior and exterior fittings are to the highest level of luxury, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience beyond your imagination, as well as meeting all the health and safety standards. 

You can be sure that our 24/hour concierge service will provide you with just about everything you need to enjoy your holiday time to the full potential.

If you are searching for that feeling when all your needs and wants are satisfied, your place is here with us, on the island of Hvar.


Villa Prometheus

If we were to choose our favorite, Prometheus would surely be at the top of the list, and here is why.

The first reason is its aesthetic nature – contemporary architecture, minimalist interiors, and attention to design details. Another reason would be the location – you will love the sun and pebble beaches, the serenity of small villages by the sea, and the vibrant energy of the south.


Beside swimming in the pool or treating your palate to excellent meals prepared by our top chefs, you will also enjoy the gorgeous view of the blue sea and the green hues of the pines. The pool faces the southwest provides you with magnificent sunsets.

Villa Prometheus is ideal for all those who love modern architecture, minimalist interiors, natural materials & colors, designer furniture, and carefully selected and placed details.

Villa Prometheus

Prometheus will be enjoyed by everyone who prefers small, peaceful places by the sea with plenty of sunshine.



An excellent example of contemporary architecture, villa Atlas, is designed with attention to details and intention to maximize the living experience, simultaneously offering its visitors designer furniture, lighting, and artwork. The beach and the town are within walking distance of the villa. Plusit has one of the most relaxed views ever. You will love it.


Among the many virtues of Atlas, one of our favorites is a special kind of vibrant energy. During the construction of the villa, the contractors stumbled upon a vast carbonate mineral deposit called calcite. Therefore, the villa was built on top of the crystals, creating an excellent living atmosphere and a unique energy field emanating from it.

Villa Atlas has stunning exteriors with breath-taking views, a private pool, and two hot tubs. The pool is 12.5 m long and 3.5m wide. 

Villa Atlas

All of the interiors (as well as the exteriors) are minimalist and have custom-made furniture, designer lighting, and other pieces like artwork of well-known local artists. The colors and patterns of the villa are perfectly intertwined, while the materials and details complement each other. 

Atlas is a sight for sore eyes tired of kitsch. 

Atlas is also a cure for the heart tired of searching for pure perfection.

Atlas is THE remedy for the soul seeking serenity. 

Your searching for the perfect holiday location is over.