As mesmerized, we could gaze towards the island of Šćedro for hours; in the middle of the turquoise blue satin sheet which extends in perfectly straight folds, in one instant smaller and other instant bigger, to its equally playful and irresolute friend, the sky. This is where Lelantos and love reside. 

Villa Features

Villa Lelantos has a long history. Its foundations date way back to 1893, while its renovation took place in 2011. The villa is comprised of three beautiful old Mediterranean stone houses and the entire property covers the area of 220 m2.

You reach the property by turning off a small country road. You can park your car in the property’s driveway which leads to the villa. Yes, you are going to need a car. Namely, Zavala is a small, charming, still not widely known village located at the southern part of the island, and it is only a forty-five minute drive by car (or a two hour drive by speedboat) away from the dazzle of the city of Hvar. Even though it is true that Zavala has a grocery store and a couple of restaurants which offer fine fresh fish (do try Skalinada), that is mostly all the content it offers. However, let us not forget the beaches. Zavala has wonderful pebble beaches. The Petarčica beach is certainly worth mentioning, but do explore some more, the beauty is never-ending once you are in the south.

The first larger town, Jelsa, is approximately a fifteen minute drive by car away from Zavala. You can find more information about the site in the section titled The Island – the Village of Zavala, or in the part following the description of the villa. Basically, you will need a car!

Let us continue our walk around Lelantos. A couple of stairs are what separates you from the parking lot of the villa and the lower terrace where there is an oval-shaped pool the size of 35 m2 with deckchairs and a cozy sheltered outdoor dining room. From there you enter the ground floor of the villa where a cozy living room is located. After a few steps, you reach a charming, fully equipped kitchen with a dining room, decorated in the traditional country style. At one end of the kitchen there is a pantry and a separate shower.

On the first floor of the villa there is a double bedroom with an en-suite shower and a terrace facing the sea. Furthermore, on the first floor there are two more double bedrooms and a family bathroom with a bathtub and a shower.

A set of doors leads from the first floor hallway to the upper terrace which is connected by stairs with the lower terrace.

From the upper terrace you can reach another double bedroom with an en-suite shower which is specific due to its stone wall. This room also has a spacious wardrobe.

At the other end of the terrace there is an outdoor gazebo which serves as an outdoor dining room. A lovely summer kitchen is also located there. Maybe this will be the first time you argue with your friends or family members on who will clean the dishes. It would surprise us to hear anyone complain about it here. The view that will have the person at the sink will most definitely be one of the most marvelous views you could imagine. 

Lelantos was decorated, as all the properties from the VIP group of Villas Hvar, with a lot of love and attention to details. It is adorned with style and elegance. The furniture is handmade. During the process of decoration, natural materials were given the preference (wood, stone), and many ceramic elements were carefully chosen at the high street retailer Fired Earth. We like Lelantos because it exists in accordance with the environment and the nature itself, while combining comfort and luxury, the modern and the traditional. Those are the combinations which we also personally enjoy. Everything here exists in perfect harmony.

What makes this villa special are some specific details - such as the aforementioned wall of bare rocks of the island slopes, or the spacious wardrobe which follows the outdoor gazebo area with a truly incredible view. However, you can enjoy an equally enchanting view from each window, terrace, or better yet, each corner of this villa.

We first saw the images of Lelantos a few years ago. It was very appealing in a very specific way. Later on we realized that Lelantos was special in many ways. It is one of those sites which cannot be forgotten. The older it is, the more beautiful it gets...

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