"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

                                                                                                            Paulo Coelho

What do we wish for these days? Did our priorities change? Did we change the way we think that everything is for granted?

As we browse through social media, we notice how it is full of wishes, but somehow those wishes are not that big anymore. But they are more realistic than ever. How come?

All of a sudden and across the world we seem to have the same wishes. We miss the same things. We think the same.

We are in this together.

And when all this finally comes to the end, we will find great joy in some very ordinary things. 

As we pretty much want and miss the same things, the Universe will conspire and help us to achieve some of those simple and ordinary things.

So we looked through the social media in order to find 10 things that we all miss the most these days when a lot of us are under lockdowns in different parts of the world. 

And here they are:

  1. We miss drinking coffee with our friends and talking about life, and actually listen to them, and watch them attentively happy that we are indeed blessed that we can now spend our time with them. Our smartphone messages will wait as there is nothing more important than the quality time spent with the people we've missed so much. coffee alone
  2. We also miss the after-work drinks with our work buddies.  Even those that bothered us before now seem pretty cool as in a strange way we missed them too.
  3. Could you ever imagine that you would actually miss the rush hour? Yes, lots of us came to the conclusion that we feel much better in crowded, bustling cities rather than the empty, ghost-like ones that we are currently witnessing around us.
  4. Exercise routine and gyms? Well, most of us actually miss recreation and being able to go for a walk, run, or spend the day in the hills or mountains.
  5. And do we even have to mention how much we miss watching live professional games like football, basketball, and others? We miss the thrill when our team is winning while drinking a beer with mates in the local bar or pub.Vespa Stari Grad
  6. Ladies, how desperately do you miss your hairdresser? Many are now daydreaming about the next manicure, pedicure, and all those pampering treatments.  We might have previously thought of them being time-consuming but during these times we do miss them. 
  7. Until recently, we all missed home-cooked meals and hated not having the time to prepare them and the fact that often we end up in restaurants just because it was an easy or convenient option. And now, we really miss those special occasions spending time with friends and family in restaurants enjoying excellent food and a glass of delicious wine.
  8. We all miss our freedom of choice. Maybe we would like to stay at home on our couch and watch TV, but when we have to do it, it is not fun anymore.  We lost the feeling that we are the ones who decide where and when we want to be.nostalgia
  9. We are so used to have the freedom to travel, go on holidays to sunny and magical places where we can be lying on a beach drinking cocktails, listening to music, and just relaxing. We miss that freedom and are thinking of the day we can do our travels again.Villa Plutus

Yes, we miss destinations with sea views, warm morning sun, and magnificent sunsets. 

And the thing we all miss the most is EACH OTHER, as we are having a hard look at some of the things, we previously took for granted.

And that is why this summer is going to be the summer of our lives. We will enjoy it more than ever. Every minute of every day. And it's going to be real soon.

Remember, our wishes are not canceled, just postponed.