Once upon a time there were three stone houses in a picturesque village on a magical island. The island was called Hvar, the village was called Pitve, and the third of the three houses was called Tartarus C and offered a wonderful view from the terrace.

Villa Features

Villas Triton A, Typhon B, and Tartarus C are three stone houses located in the village of Pitve that have been keeping each other company for a hundred years, supporting and protecting one another through the thick and thin of Hvar. They can be rented together or separately since each villa is an accommodation unit of its own.

Triton A and Typhon B each have their own pool and Tartarus C has no pool, so the ideal solution is to rent it with Typhon B if you are a fan of pools. The villas share a back yard of approximately 30m2, from which all the villas can be entered. When you enter that typical Mediterranean courtyard that connects all three villas, you’ll find Triton A on the left, Typhon B in the middle, and Tartarus C on the right side of the courtyard.

This complex is a wonderful symbiosis of history, tradition, luxury, romance, silence, and Zen. The complex is located on a village hill, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves and only a 3 or 4-minute drive to the first town, Jelsa, and the sea, which you can see from all three villas.

Villa Tartarus C can accommodate a maximum of 4 people in an old stone house that was converted into a luxury stone villa in 2021. 

Tartarus C is a small, lovely stone house that does not have a pool, so we would say it is more of a cottage, than a villa, but the owner decided that Tartarus C is the third "villa" in the complex - so let's say it is a villa.

Tartarus C, just like its brothers, offers everything you need for a vacation in a place that blends wonderful nature, Scandinavian-Mediterranean interior design style, and sustainable luxury.

Villa comprises two floors and 50m2 of interior space.

The kitchen with a dining room and a living room is located on the ground floor, measuring 20m2.

There is a bedroom with a bathroom on the mezzanine and the first floor. The bedroom is 20m2 in size and has a 180x200 matrimonial bed. Next to the bedroom there is a 10-square-meter bathroom with a shower tray.

In the living room, there is a sofa that can be extended into a bed for two people.

There are about 20 steps from the ground floor to the first floor.

Apart from the beautiful view, the 10-square-meter terrace located at the top of the house also offers 2 deckchairs and an outdoor dining table.

Villa Tartarus C is air-conditioned and has private parking.

In front of the pool area, this charming villa complex has a huge yard with different Mediterranean plants and organic vegetables which you can pick yourself and eat if you wish so. What a delight! Here you can find a combination of both the old and the new world; different pieces of handmade furniture, warm and natural materials such as stone, wood, ceramic, or iron, and a "feels like home" interior style.

Nestled in a peaceful and private setting, the houses boast breathtaking views of the countryside, mountains, and the sea. With its modern amenities, simple and elegant décor and ample outdoor space, this villa complex could be a perfect holiday choice for families and friends, for all those who seek a lavish getaway, simple luxury, and a rural lifestyle, but at the same time prefer to have all benefits of contemporary life.

Relax, breathe, enjoy, for the third time.

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