Far from any possible cause of stress and distant from the hustle and bustle of every crowded tourist destination, Villa Hebe offers a complete peace and tranquility among hypnotizing colors and scents of surrounding nature in an idyllic rustic ambience.

Villa Features

Villa Hebe is a beautiful estate in the heart of the island. It is composed of three traditional Dalmatian stone houses with a swimming pool.

This luxurious complex is surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation and it is on the outskirts of the Dol Village. There is an amazing view of the Brač Island and Stari Grad Plain from the estate.

Villa Hebe is a property of 280m2. The villa itself has 220m2 and it consists of one main and two smaller houses. All three units are authentic century old stone houses that were fully renovated in 2007.

Villa has five bedrooms – one on the ground floor and four on the first floor. There are also four bathrooms, a laundry room, kitchen, dining room, living room, two upstairs terraces, one ground floor terrace, outside dining area and a pool measuring 24m2.

Through the main terrace there is an access to the main and the connected smaller house. In the ground floor of this combined unit there is a living room with a large sofa and a fireplace, a kitchen, separate dining room, laundry room and a separate toilet. Upstairs, there are three bedrooms with double beds, two bathrooms and a terrace.

From the main terrace you can also access the other small house that has its own separate entrance. On its ground floor there is a small bedroom with a double bed and a bathroom while upstairs there is another bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom and a terrace.

A small, charming, semicircular bridge connects upstairs terraces of both units. On the main terrace there is an outdoor dining area and a swimming pool with a sun deck surrounded by a beautiful green lawn. The main terrace is surrounded by a high stonewall which allows complete privacy.

Sophisticated villa owners are art dealers, which is evident from their exquisite taste and attention to detail. They created this well-equipped modern yet traditional villa brilliantly tailored for the perfect relaxing holiday.

The overall villa style is a combination of natural materials like stone and wood together with airy, relaxing pastel tones. The entire estate is, however, soaked in the whole range of stunning colors and scents of nature.

Two-car private parking is provided for the villa guests.

The villa is close to all town facilities. The town of Stari Grad is just 3-minute drive away and the town of Hvar is some 20-minute drive away.

Villa Hebe is an ideal place for a family or a group of friends. It is perfect for those who are aware of the priceless idea of a “true vacation”, a vacation that revitalizes, relaxes and rejuvenates.

Love at First Sight

In her mind, her life was divided in two units – "then" and "now" – the time before and the time that followed after.

The "time before" was all those moments in her youth - time when she attracted all the attention and when the glances followed her wherever she went. Time when no one was left indifferent by her irresistible refined beauty. Hebe had hair like a fairy and her face was simply unforgettable. She had perfect bosom and legs so exquisite. Her husband, however, was always saying how he fell in love with her smile. But her smile happened only on a rare occasion nowadays. She wasn’t at peace with the fact what time caught up with her, despite all her effort – financial and otherwise the "now" came and was here for good and she was often sad because of that.

Her husband tried cheering her up in every way possible and one summer he planned a nice trip. Their children, all grown up now, went along since Hebe felt alive and young when they were around. The family spent three whole weeks in the rustic island villa in a village that emitted the atmosphere of Mediterranean as it once was.

Hebe fell in love with the island right away. It was irresistible and simply beautiful – just like she was in the reign of "then". The traditional century old villa where they were staying was just as wonderful. Hebe was fascinated. She would spend hours on a sun lounger by the pool just thinking and reminiscing while her husband and children were playing cards and talking around the table.

A couple of days passed in this quiet rural idyll and her heart opened up just enough to realize the truth that was incomprehensible to her mind up to that point - despite the years, Hebe was still a beautiful woman. The only thing missing was her cheerful spirit and her contagious smile.

While the rest of the family watched in amazement, Hebe was happily laughing by the pool.

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