Attis reminds us of a short, relaxing bed-time story. It is located in the very heart of the island of Hvar, at the very center of the village of Dol, a 2-minute drive away from the first beaches. Although you might not even need the beach since Attis has one of the most beautiful pool areas.

Villa Features

Attis is an authentic Mediterranean stone house about a 100 years old, and it was fully refurbished in 2018. It has 150m2 of living space, 40m2 of pool, 160m2 of terrace around the pool and 190m2 of yard with parking.

The house is surrounded with other stone houses and green areas. A small stone path separates the terrace and pool from the house. The house is located above the path, whereas the terrace and the pool are located beneath it, so the terrace, which is separated from the rest of the world by a beautiful tall stone wall, offers a view of the rest of the village – and even further, which you’ll see for yourself once you get there.

Except for the view, you’ll enjoy the spacious pool, the gorgeous stone floor that surrounds it, and a small built-in Jacuzzi as additional fun by the pool.

In the upper part of the terrace, you’ll see a separate space for laundry, storage, and pool maintenance equipment.

The entrance to the house is located across the terrace.

The first thing that’ll make your heart skip a beat is the stone yard, covered just enough to make it comfortable to stay there in the night and during the day. It also has a massive wooden dining table with accompanying chairs, and a beautiful fireplace that simply calls for grilling fresh fish with local olive oil . Oh yes, we can see it, smell it... a glass of red wine after dinner, and enjoying “Mediterranean as it once was” is complete.

From the yard, you can see the comfortable interior of the living room and kitchen. Wood and stone dominate the space; it is very spacious, comfortable, and cozy, in neutral colors and suitable for every eye. This area also has a small extra toilet, and the living room sofa can be used as an auxiliary bed for two, if necessary.

From the mail lounge space, you take the stairs to the first floor, where you’ll find two bedrooms with matrimonial beds and en-suite bathrooms with shower trays. Each bedroom has an armchair, which can also be turned into a comfortable auxiliary bed.

From the upper floor, you can go out onto the terrace, where you’ll see lounge furniture with a parasol (just in case) for a nice chat, a glass of good plavac or star gazing.

Attis is one of those attractive, kind, and friendly places, where you’ll feel like home from the very first moment, whenever or however you get there.

*As an extra offer of the Attis villa there are numerous small rural farms in the neighborhood; all neighbors are in fact also providers of healthy organic food, from olive oil, homemade cheese, wine, brandy to fruit and vegetables. Take advantage of the happiness you've been given to!

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