Echo and Adrasteia found their ideal place for a rest in the fairytale-like village of Pitve. These two magical Oreads with a view of the sea, hills, and centennial, romantic village architecture are a magical combination of the traditional and the contemporary, and they offer a unique experience of Hvar.

Villa Features

Villas Echo and Adrasteia, whether together or apart, will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

They are luxuriously equipped, with the latest technology, surrounded by pristine nature, but they are only a five-minute drive away from the nearest town, the town of Jelsa, i.e. only a twenty-five-minute drive away from the town of Hvar. Moreover, what these two mountain nymphs are most proud of is in fact the superb service.  Amiable owners have years of experience working in luxury tourism, and they are willing to provide their clients with impeccable service 24 hours per day. Knowing that your vacation is in safe hands, you can fully relax in complete privacy.

Echo and Adrasteia are suitable both for families and friends. Considering the fact that they are located next to each other, on the same parcel, they are ideal for larger groups of people; namely, together they can comfortably accommodate up to 16 people, or 8 in each villa.

Remark - in case of need there are two inflatable mattresses as well. 

Villa Echo and Villa Adrasteia are in fact the same, with slight differences in several small details.

For example, Adrasteia has a pool the size of 35m2, and Echo has a pool the size of 43 m2. Villa Adrasteia has a balcony the size of 40 m2, and it has two bedrooms overlooking the village of Pitve and the sea. Villa Echo has a balcony the size of 50 m2 and one bedroom overlooking the village of Pitve and the sea. So much about differences...

Each villa has 330 m2 of space (gross), i.e. 230 m2 (net).

Each house has two parking lots, and the pool area of each house covers 150 m2.

Each villa consists of four bedrooms with four en-suite bathrooms. Each villa also has an additional bathroom in the underground, i.e. a spa zone with a shower and a Jacuzzi. Furthermore, each house also has an additional toilet. Villa Adrasteia is located in front of Villa Echo. Each villa consists of the underground, ground floor, and first floor.

The floors are mutually connected with around 15 stone-paved stairs.

On floor zero there is an open plan kitchen/dining/living room area. The kitchen is fully equipped, the dining area has a dining table for eight people, and it is placed between the kitchen and the living room which has a TV and sofa for eight people. The entire area of the living room/kitchen/dining room is airy and bright as it is on all sides covered with glass walls (three pairs of large sliding glass doors) through which you can enjoy the view of a beautiful and spacious garden the size of 150 m2, terrace, lawn, and greenery which surrounds the villas. The pool area has an amazing view of the village of Pitve and the town of Jelsa. Of course, Adrasteia has a different kind of view since it is located in front of Echo, but Echo is located at a somewhat higher altitude. As it is in life, it seems that neither of them has everything; but each has something!

The villas are surrounded by a hedge of laurel and cherry, in the company of various Mediterranean plants, lavender, figs, tangerines, lemons, pomegranate, and olive trees. 

In both villas, the underground is the zone reserved for relaxing. It consists of a fitness area, sauna (planned for 2017), Jacuzzi, and a game room. There you will also find a small wine cellar located on a stone wall, where you can enjoy in some of the best Croatian wines. Nazdravlje!

Beneath the stairs there is also a small laundry room/storage.

The first floor consists of a sleeping area; there are four bedrooms with its en-suite bathrooms (toilet + shower). Each room has a double bed, built-in wardrobe, air-conditioning, and TV.

In Villa Echo, one master bedroom has an exit to a balcony the size of 50 m2 with an equally beautiful view. It is one of the most beautiful views we had the chance to see in the villas of Hvar, we fell in love at first sight and without any doubt!

Let us also note something that we personally very much like - each villa has an iPad, Mac, and free Wi-Fi at your service. Cool.

Nothing is accidental when it comes to these mountain nymphs. Everything is carefully planned and every detail is there with a valid aesthetic reason. It was taken care that there is not too much or too little of anything; materials, colors, and the atmosphere that will accompany you during your vacation were taken into account. Natural materials such as stone, wood, and glass are the rulers, while the colors in the interiors are neutral and pleasant, in the light tones of brown and beige, only put into play in certain places with some colorful details such as chairs.

We are absolutely sure that hanging out with these two mountain nymphs will be to the satisfaction of anyone who opts for them. The highlights are definitely the view and the amazing pool areas in both villas. Let us not forget the superb service that accompanies them. As far as we are concerned, the pretty nymphs have quickly gotten under our skin…

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