Located two kilometers away from Stari Grad, in a small but distinctive village of Rudine; surrounded by the traditional stone houses, with a stunning garden that fits   perfectly into the charming interior of the cottage and a beach within walking distance - maybe Persephone is the right choice?!

Cottage Features

Cottage Persephone was built in 1973, reconstructions and renovations are done continuously since the creative owners have constant new ideas about the interior and exterior. Persephone consists of the courtyard 100m2 in size, garden 350m2 in size and the house itself which is 110m2 (two floors, 55m2 each).

Ground floor is made of kitchen with the living room (27m2), bathroom (5m2) and bedroom (22m2). First floor has two bedrooms (16m2 x 2), bathroom (3m2). Rooms are entered from the terrace.

Upon arrival to the village of Rudine take the first left turn and follow the paved road until the stone tiled street between the old houses, which will take you directly to Persephone's back yard. You can leave your car on the small stone tiled square next to the house.

Courtyard is located on the east side of the estate and it’s equipped with outside table and six to eight seating spaces. From the courtyard we can enter to the ground floor of the house, first to the anteroom and then the living room. On the left side of the living room there are glass slide door that provide a beautiful view of the garden. Living room is equipped with a corner sofa and TV - and this same space attaches to the kitchen with a dinning room. From the kitchen, through the small hallway, you can get to the first bathroom with a tub. On the left side of the hallway is the entrance to the first double bedroom.

On the first floor, which is accessed by the staircase from the courtyard, you will find two bedrooms with double beds, small bathroom with a shower cabin and a large terrace.

Smaller garden is located on the south side of the house with a BBQ and another, smaller terrace, all together convenient for an afternoon cocktails or a tea party - with our without the Mad Hatter*.

Moving down on the stone tiled path onto the beautiful spacious garden full of various Mediterranean flora spreading along the southwest side, ideal for breakfasts in the green environment, relaxing in the afternoon, long hour reading in the deck chair or even an evening party, what a joy!

To name just a few plants you will be hanging around with during your holidays: bougainvillea - 30 years old, olive tree - 20 years old, seven old almonds - some of them up to hundred years old, two young pistachio trees - 8 years old, wisteria, ivy, fern, cicadas, jasmine, yucca, elder, mandarin, oleander, orange, lemon, magnolia, elephant ear brought in from Tunis, apricots, cherries, figs, 3 types of bamboo, many types of cactuses, 10 types of palm trees, cypress, young avocado, two pomegranates, cana, young eucalyptus tree etc. The list is too long and time is running out. Owners are actually flora addicts.

The owners only have one request which we are relaying in its entirety: "In the attic we have our good house spirits, Mortimer and Brunhilda. We kindly ask you not to disturb them.“

Just a joke, of course. But we liked it.

Lovely Persephone is genuinely beautiful spot for a genuine holiday. With all the other attributes, it is very economical too. It will be a perfect choice for one big family, or for two families that count somewhat less people. It is also great for a group of friends (do not worry, Hvar Town is only 20-minute drive away). 

*The Mad Hatter is one of the members of the Mad Tea Party. ("Alice in Wonderland")

Love at First Sight

She was white and frail, like a porcelain doll. She loved open spaces, rays of sunshine that played through the greenery, yellow buds in the field and the whole spectrum of colours.

Whispering to anything that was just starting to grow, chirping like a little bird, smelling like almonds and vanilla. Persephone fell in love, because love doesn't choose, in to her own opposite.

Dark skinned and quiet, loyal but distant, he preferred closed spaces, depths and shadows. Despite the sincere love, they lived in the comfort of greyness. Apartment that was neither bright nor dark, neither happy nor sad, was the only space which wasn't uncomfortable for them, while they quietly desired mutual adventures.

That year they set out to another journey, knowing that everything will pass individually just like before, retelling their days by the bed post.

By some miracle, or perhaps a miracle called fate, road took them to a magical oasis - on a clearing which separates the shade and the sunshine with a clear white line. Where white and red grapes grow, where everything is scented like white or dark risotto, where the white whine is rich as the red, and the night is as beautiful as the day.

Everything was so naturally and perfectly divided that it was almost like him and her. They fell in love with life again, life that can be black and white, but only stunning when combined.

At last they were both breathing with a full breath, holding hands.

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