A simple traditional stone beauty located in the charming village of Rudine, cottage Antheia, was built in the 15th century. If you are looking for the genuine Dalmatian experience, authentic cuisine, a spot where you can be at peace and sort your thoughts - look no more. This is the place. 

Cottage Features

This traditional Dalmatian stone house was built in the 15th century and renovated in 2008. The cottage alone has 120 m2 and the adjacent garden with a courtyard extends to 300 m2.

About 10 meters away from the main stone house there is another small house with its surrounding garden. The smaller house has a barbecue unit next to it together with the well-equipped kitchen and dining room. Inside its garden there is a large dining and lounge area, which is certainly the highlight of the entire property. This particularly charming area is roofed with ivy and vine plants and equipped with wooden garden furniture and a large cozy swing. 

Garden is reserved for the cottage guests; otherwise, the exceptionally hospitable owners use it for gardening and growing organic food. Guests have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy the eco-garden products, they are allowed to use all plants, fruits and vegetables grown there whenever they want. 

The main stone house spreads over 3 floors – ground floor, first floor and second floor/attic. There are two entrances, one on the ground floor and another on the second floor. The second floor entrance is reached from the outside stone stairwell. 

The ground floor has a bathroom to the left of the entrance and the hallway that leads to the spacious kitchen/dining/lounge area. 

On the first floor there are two bedrooms with double beds and a bathroom with a shower unit.

On the second floor there are also two double bedrooms, each with its own small balcony with a nice view of the sea in the distance.

Although Antheia guests like the fact that the atmosphere in Rudine is like in the old times when the pace of life was measured by the heart beat and not by the clocks, that is no reason to give up all the benefits of modern life. Therefore, the cottage is equipped with satellite TV, has air conditioning on each floor and Internet access.

The private parking for two cars is provided for the guests.

The nearest larger town is Stari Grad and the closest beach is in beautiful Žukova bay. The town of Hvar is 25-minute drive away.

If you are in a search for a tranquil place to come back after all day of wandering around, this is a place for you - a place where you can chill and spend some quality time with your dear ones. You can equally enjoy it whether you're visiting with your family or with a group of friends ... without any doubt Antheia will satisfy all your needs.

Love at First Sight

This year the vacation was planned on time.

Antheia organized the whole thing – she found and booked a charming cottage on the Mediterranean island, she bought plane tickets, she wrote the itinerary and basically did the whole logistics expecting from her husband and kids at least to collaborate - which seemed simple enough but was not often the case. 

Although she was really looking forward to take that trip, she dreaded, constantly. She was rather torn between work, family and various social obligations and somewhere along the way she lost herself. From the moment her children fled the nest and began living their own lives in some different cities, her feeling of being lost intensified. She wondered what kind of people they turned into because in her head they were still a stubborn, lively little boy and a bright, sweet little girl...

After a long journey, when the whole family finally reached their destination, all her fears and dreads vanished like dark clouds after rainfall. 

The cottage that was to be their home for the next fifteen days looked like a happy place where happy family lives. And it turned to be just that.

Proud stonewalls of the house together with a beautiful garden brought only the best in people. It seemed like those century old stones together with flowers and trees that surrounded them whispered happy thoughts and guided their residents to become the best versions of themselves. Antheia didn’t know how exactly that happened but there was no doubt it had something to do with the place. 

Two unforgettable weeks passed quickly, but Antheia used her time well. While enjoying the serene beauty of the landscape she again got to know the people she knew all her life. And in the meantime, she found herself again. 

Colorful cottage in the small, picturesque village somewhere at the end of the universe has become her favorite go to memory.

Later on in her life, whenever she found herself stumbling, she would evoke those memories and emotions and they would bring her back home, back to her very own self. 

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