A perfect place for people seeking utter peace, quiet isolation and true detachment from everyday stress. There are only few other small houses in the bay and visitors are very rare so it seems like the whole bay is there just for Pan guests to enjoy the untouched nature of this remote island paradise. 

Cottage Features

Cottage Pan is located by the sea in Prisinjak bay on the south side of Hvar Island.

Property spreads on 350 square meters. House itself is 110 square meters and consists of two floors.

The kitchen, living room and dining room with sofa are located on the ground floor while the first floor holds four two–bed bedrooms, master bathroom, additional toilet and 28 square meter terrace.

In front of the ground floor there is a grand terrace with barbeque unit and outside dining table for eight people.

The sea view from the Cottage is out of this world and the scent of Mediterranean herbs and plants planted around the house compliment the view perfectly.

The closest major town is Jelsa, approximately twenty kilometers away. Grapčeva cave, one of the most important archaeological sites in Croatia and an exquisite restaurant in Humac are just seven kilometers away from Prisinjak. Hvar Town is cca 50-minute drive away.  In the village of Zastražišće, approximately 6 km distance, there’s a small grocery shop where you can buy basic supplies. Major grocery shopping, however, should be procured in Jelsa.

SUV is advised since there is a gravel path that leads six kilometers from the main road through the village of Zastražišće. Road to Prisinjak bay can be seen on YouTube (Road to Prisinjak Bay).

There is no AC, no washer/drier unit and no dishwasher in Cottage Pan. Cottage runs solely on solar energy while the water is gathered from a fresh water well so this is, by all means, an ECO house.


What to expect from Prisinjak bay? Prisinjak bay is located on the south side of Hvar Island. It is a perfect place for those who wish to leave a busy modern life and return to their roots. The closest larger village to Prisinjak is Zastražišće (6km) and the closest larger town is Jelsa (20km).

Prisinjak is actually a beautiful beach. The surrounding nature is intact and the place offers various activities.

You can swim, dive, and catch fish there if you’d like, but it is probably the best for simple enjoyment and quiet contemplation. The most precious thing about Prisinjak is its exclusivity – meaning only a few can enjoy this sun bathed beauty with an extraordinary view of the sea and the island of Šćedro. Prisinjak offers the ultimate Robinson Crusoe-like experience.

Love at First Sight

He was asked to revise the same contract for the third time. It was supposed to be signed three weeks ago.

He often wondered how he ended up at that very place: in a relationship far from sustainable, on a job that challenged his humaneness, in the city where few neighborhood parks were the only green areas left. He loved free climbing. Sometimes he practiced on the artificial rocks and when reaching the top he would close his eyes and picture himself on some far away cliff with nothing but the ocean below. He loved sailing, for those two weeks in a year that is.

He loved the sea, the freedom it represented. The way he did almost anything in life was spontaneously. Everything else seemed unnatural to him.

The invitation from a friend came one random day in the warm month of May. His friend was staying with his family in the island house, a "House that might drift away" as his friend called it. He was asked to join them and he accepted the invitation. He packed his things for a trip to some distant bay on an island far away.

While his Jeep was speeding down the gravel road his eyes managed to catch the untouched, insanely beautiful landscapes. Radio played "Wild Thing" by the Troggs and somewhere in the distance the sky collided with the sea. Green pine branches met his hand that was dancing in the air outside the car window and he became one with the place instantly. The scent in the air combined with the view in front of him had almost hallucinogenic effect.

Life could be perfect, he thought. And he knew exactly what he’s going to do next.

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