When speaking about Hydros, one can only tell a love story. Like all great love stories, this one is also about a match of the impossible; a blend of trendy restaurants, beach clubs and jaunty yachts melded with contemplation in the nature, the buzzing of crickets infusing the summer breeze on the beaches.

Cottage Features

Cottage Hydros consists of a ground floor house, storage, and a big water tank. These buildings are arranged in a U-shaped layout, and between them there is a spacious courtyard with a shed, stone build sink, and a large fireplace where you can grill, bake, and cook over a fire. The courtyard is closed with stone walls from the part of the west and north, so it is a completely closed, intimate place suitable for ultimate relaxation of the guests.

The interior of Hydros covers 60 m2. It has two bedrooms (one with a matrimonial bed, the other with single beds), a kitchen with a living room, a bathroom, a courtyard with barbecue, a terrace with a wooden pergola covering 30m2, and a garden spreading over 700 m2.

In front of the western facade of the house is a lower terrace equipped with a wooden table with 4 chairs, 2 deck chairs and umbrellas and decorated with clay pots with flowers. Above the table is a wooden pergola with a canvas cover. The terrace has a beautiful view over the valley and the bay often full of boats. It is interesting that from this terrace you can see 4 capes of Pakleni islands and the fifth cape, the westernmost point of the island, Hvar cape Pelegrin. So, while the courtyard is fully enclosed, the terrace on the western part is the belvedere, designed for pleasant candle-lit evenings or early breakfast in the freshness of the morning.

Around the whole house is a garden, mostly surrounded by stone wall, in which authentic Dalmatian olive varieties were planted from which we obtain superior oil, which can be bought from the owner of the house.

The house is divided in two parts. The west side is a spacious kitchen with a dining area, and on the east are two bedrooms. At the end of the corridor, there is a bathroom with a shower. The kitchen is equipped with a stove, refrigerator and freezer, satellite TV, mini Hi-Fi stereo with iPod dock and the possibility of reproducing music with other gadgets, and a large fireplace for winter; in the summer, it mainly serves as a pantry. In the kitchen, there is a small wine bar that offers selected white wines of original Dalmatian varieties, with pleasant summer flavor. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything necessary for preparing different kinds of food.

In the kitchen, there is handmade bed/sofa, dimensions 80x200, with three large pillows. When you remove the pillows, the sofa becomes a comfortable single bed. In the southern room, there are two separate beds, a three-door wardrobe, and a build-up closet where you’ll find the linen and towels for emergency change. In the north room, there is a king size double bed and three door wardrobe. In the kitchen, there are two ceiling fans of 130 cm in width, plus two fans in the bedrooms, which ensure cooling in the summer heat.

Energy Supply

Despite the fact that the property has no external electric energy and water, the house is technically very advanced, fully functional, and independent. All systems are in line with modern solutions.

Electric energy is gained through solar panels that fill modern gel batteries. The resulting electricity is sufficient for normal functioning of the house and connects consumers to 800 W of consumption. Consumers with large heaters cannot be connected (water heaters, hair iron, iron machine, powerful hairdryers etc). In the house, there is hairdryer that guests can use. The hot water gets through solar boiler capacity of 100 liters. In the kitchen, there is gas stove, while water is drinkable rain water collected in a water tank.


When you consider the wider area of Hvar, its marinas, night clubs, the best restaurants, etc, it is easy to understand why Ždrilca bay is located right at its center. It is located halfway between the town of Hvar and Palmižana, a famous place on the Pakleni islands, where ACI marina is located, along with a shop, several excellent restaurants with an international reputation (Meneghello, Laganinim etc.) and large sandy beach, while the contents of the town of Hvar need no introduction. There is also the beautiful northwestern part of the island of Vis, only a dozen NM away from Marinkovac.

We usually recommend renting a small inflatable boat or speedboat, because then all the facilities of Pakleni islands and Hvar town are only a few-minute drive from the Ždrilca bay. During your stay, you can hire a boat 5m long with 8 horsepower without a boat license at a truly attractive price. If you have an international boat license, you can hire a bigger boat or a speedboat; it’s all up to your wishes and we can help arrange any boat you would like to rent.


On the island of Marinkovac it is possible to swim in more amazing places with crystal clear waters. Beautiful pebble beaches can be found in the bay Ždrilca and in the bay of Mlini, a few minutes of walking from Ždrilca. In Mlini, there is a small sand beach attractive to children. Between Ždrilca and Mlini, there is a stone beach where swimming is allowed to the nudists. With a little effort (20 minutes of walking), it is possible to go swimming in the bay of Stipanska, where the Carpe Diem Beach Club is located, but it’s much better to go there by boat because of Robinson’s condition of the path.

In the bay, there are three restaurants – Tri grede, famous fish restaurant Antonio Patak, and Mamato,while in the neighboring bay of Mlini (300 meters further), there is the restaurant of the same name known for its domestic lamb, grown on the island. Twenty minutes of walk separate our house from Carpe Diem Beach Club in Stipanska bay on the same island of Marinkovac.

A great advantage of the Ždrilca bay is a taxi boat line during the summer between the bay and the town of Hvar. Boats run from 9 to 13 a.m. and from 4 to 7 p.m. Our guests usually use this line in the morning to go to Hvar for shopping, to have coffee or other small, sometimes big, things like that.

In addition to these regular taxi lines, there are taxi lines that maintain strong speedboats, which can be engaged at any time of day and night. So it is possible to go to Hvar in the evening, and then through the night back to Ždrilca. It is possible to organize excursions to Split, Trogir, Šibenik, Vis with same speedboats. For guests who comes by plane via Split airport it is possible to take a taxi  boat from the Split airport to Ždrilca and vice versa. For this service you need to make a request in advance to our Concierge.

Vacations in cottage Hydros are an ideal blend of trendy crowd restaurants, beach clubs, and yachts anchorage with complete peace where maximum noise is generated by crickets and summer breeze. Such an almost impossible combination is possible due to the fact that the house is about one hundred meters from the crowded shore, at the junction of the valley and the forest. Descent to the sea allows you to join the throng of swimmers, restaurants, and yachts, and the house is quiet as if you are alone in the bay. Especially pleasant are mornings and evenings when you have the crystal clear bay waters all to yourself.

Travel Instructions

You can take a speed taxi boat directly from Split airport to Hvar or Ždrilca. That would take about an hour of driving and our Concierge will take care of that part if you decide on it.

You can also go the regular way using public transport and first take a bus (or taxi) from the airport (half an hour of driving) to the port of Split – every half an hour after landing – then take Jadrolinija catamaran from Split to Hvar. There is also a ferry from Split to Stari Grad and then by bus or taxi to Hvar. The tickets for catamaran and ferry are about 40 KN or 5.5 € per person. It is possible to buy Jadrolinija tickets online at www.jadrolinija.hr

Taxi boats to Pakleni islands are located in the north-east corner of the Hvar port, near the great building of Arsenal, specific for its semicircular entrance. From the catamaran stop to the taxi boat stop, there are around 2 to 3 minutes on foot, and from the bus station around 5 to 6 minutes on foot. The taxi boats go to Ždrilca from 9 a.m. till 1p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. till 6:30 p.m. It will take about 15 to 20 minutes and cost 40 KN or 5.5 € per person. If there are no boats available, call our Concierge (Dalibor 00385 91 895 7733) and he will organize a special boat trip to take you from Hvar to Ždrilca, where the owner of Hydros will be waiting for you. Near the taxi boat stop, there is a post of speed boats where you can hire a speed boat to take you to Ždrilca, but that is a slightly more expensive option.

In any case, you first have to go grocery shopping on arrival because there are no shops in Ždrilca. It is possible to go to Hvar every morning with a taxi boat and then return to Ždrilca. It is also possible to arrange a special boat trip to or from Hvar in the evening if you want to spend a day in the town or just take good supper in some of Hvar’s restaurants; but do not forget there are also 4 restaurants in Ždrilca and the nearby bay of Mlini as we already mentioned – Tri grede, Mamato bar, Mlini and Antonio Patak – the last one is a very good fish restaurant open in the evening as well, while others are open just during the day.

If you have succeeded to read all of this – congratulations – you are the perfect guest for Cottage Hydros – as we noticed you are contemplative, love to read, and enjoy mother nature with great joy. You will love the place!

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