The fairy tail estate which houses the Chronos cottage is surrounded with Mediterranean flora worthy of a movie setting. Chronos is far from the town buzz yet so close to the modern lifestyle. Actually, people who stay here very quickly lose interest in the charms of the outside world...

Cottage Features

Cottage Chronos is located in Stari Grad Plain, a place of fascinating history. The foundations of Chronos go back to 1912 however the stone cottages on the property were completely refurbished in 2010.

Entire estate is located on 3100m2 and the interior takes up 62m2 alone.

The main gate of the estate is entered through the north side, stone paved road is used to reach the first cottage or the double attached property.

First part consists of fully equipped kitchen and dining room with a lounge in the same room. Living room has a sofa which can be used as an extra bed for two people. The second part consists of a room with a king size bed and a bathroom with a shower facility.

Between the main (larger) and second (smaller) cottage there is a century old cypress tree and a beautiful old well.

Second smaller cottage is a studio with a mini kitchen, bedroom which has a double bed, also a single bed and a bathroom with a shower facility.

Alongside the cottages there is a small shed 9m2 which is designated for the luggage, beach equipment or similar.

The owner is a restless spirit so she constanlty make changes in Chronos; since recently part of the property is also a third small cottage with two single beds in the form of a letter L.

Cottages are surrounded with a wealth of aromatic Mediterranean plants and flowers and you would be spending your holiday alongside some beautiful specimens of agave, aloe, lorels, lavender, rosemary, sage and hiding from the sun in the shade of olives, cherries, almonds and palm trees.

In the heart of this scented green heaven on the outer terrace there is a 24m2 pool with sun chairs to chill on, and an outside shower.

Estate is surrounded with farmed vineyards, olive plant-ages and fields which are under UNESCO protection.

Chronos is also ecologically friendly, equipped with solar panels and aggregates.

Estate has a parking space sufficient for three vehicles.

Nearest center is the town of Stari Grad which is 3 kilometers away, nearest beach is 15 minutes walking distance and the town of Hvar is 21 kilometers away.

We recommend this charming cottage and its hippie garden wholeheartedly for couples, families and also friends who are looking for an unusual specific holiday location which will allow them unforgettably relaxing holiday. Chronos is far away from any kind of noise, shape, scent or color which doesn't come from the true nature.

Love at First Sight

Mobile phone rang. The alarm clock went off at the same time. He jumped from the bed without thinking and performed his morning ritual before rushing off to work in his new sports car. Text message alert sounded. On the office mobile. Or was it a sound coming from the laptop? Notifications were waiting to be read on the social networks.

But this young gentleman wasn't having fun on the internet, there was no time, every minute was costing too much. Mobile made a weird noise again. The office phone was ringing. His fiancee was on the other line; while she was was talking excitingly about the forthcoming holiday he was typing quickly on his keyboard.

Next day in the afternoon hours they arrived to an isolated Mediterranean estate in the heart of a beautiful fairy tail-like island. He checked his mobile reception. it was still there. He answered some urgent emails and sat next to his fiancee on the terrace. They were silent for a moment. Looked around, there was nothing there. But everything was here. Pensively he was looking at the centuries old olive trees and gorgeous stone cottages that were surrounding them.

They heard the birds singing in the distance.

The air had a scent of freshly turned ground and lavender.

Bee landed on the flower next to his feet.

He remembered his parents estate where he had spent his childhood. Mobile rang again. He felt dizzy. He took his precious smartphone from the table, smiled to his girlfriend, and switched him off...

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