Cottage Crios is a charming little stone house located near the sea in a beautiful bay of Grebišće, just 2km east of Jelsa. In an idyllic setting, in the middle of the century old pine forest near the amazing sandy beach, Crios is a very romantic place. 

Cottage Features

Crios Cottage is a stone house built in 2002. It has 50m2 of interior and 15 000m2 of green lands around it. A short junction after Grebišće beach leads from the main road to the cottage. 

Once you get there you’ll find yourself surrounded by the colors and scents of Mediterranean vegetation and crystal clear sea. A pure pleasure.

Inside the house is a large studio space with open plan kitchen / dining / lounge area. There is also a large double bed plus the additional sofa bed suitable for two people. It has a separate bathroom with shower unit and a nice terrace overlooking the sea.

Cottage Crios has a very minimalistic accommodation. For example bathroom does not have any counter space for toiletries. There is no toaster or microwave oven. Finally, this is Robinson's home rather than a royal palace. Although the location is worthy of a king.

Private parking lot is adjacent to the cottage.

Approximately 40 meters from the cottage is a small coffee bar that offers snacks and drinks, a quiet and easygoing kind of place with very soothing music. Our clients say that the food is quite good there. It is open during the summer season from 10 am till 10 pm.

Same person who owns the cottage owns the bar - a very likable and eloquent gentleman always at your service in case you need help with anything during your stay in this little paradise.

Cottage Crios is perfect for utter relaxation and uninterrupted enjoyment of the true nature. It is suitable for a small family, for a couple in love or even for a small group of friends. It is also great for those who like to have an option to leave the quiet paradise every once in a while and enjoy all that nearby town of Jelsa has to offer.

As Jelsa town with the first grocery store is 2 km distance it's important to know that the kitchen is not fully stacked and the basics should be purchased prior to arrival. Town of Stari Grad is just 15-minute drive away, while the town of Hvar is some 30-minute drive away. 

P.S. No, there is no wi-fi neither TV in Crios. Take a deep breath, relax. 

Love at First Sight

Crios was one of those wonderful, loving fathers. Always fun and caring, always ready to help and always full of understanding for both of his daughters. He adopted two beautiful twin girls when he was at the top of his game – important, rich and very famous.

Women loved him, but he lost the love of his life in the days when he didn’t really understand how important love actually is - while he was too busy working she decided to leave him forever … He never again found such love. Since he always wanted to have children he decided to adopt and his two girls were the brightest stars in his sky ever since.

One summer they decided to spend their holiday on the gorgeous Mediterranean island. They found a small, adorable cottage in the pine forest by the seashore just near the small fishing town.

Many a summers three of them spent together, but this one was different. His precious little stars were all grown up now and they wanted to explore the vast sky on their own. Crios wasn’t upset because of that – he didn’t really mind, he understood. He knew he couldn’t keep them away from the world forever.

That particular evening he let his sparkling stars go out and he himself took a little walk by the sea. He enjoyed every step of his walk – watching the pine trees, breathing the fresh air and letting those citrus scents in and out of his lungs. Every few steps he would just pause and took a glimpse of the sea that merged with the sky somewhere on the horizon creating a divine turquoise blend.

Thinking about the beauty of the given moment he didn’t realize someone was coming his way. Equally lost in her thoughts she was walking towards him. Finally, he heard the sound of her steps, turned his head and there she was, right in front of him, as beautiful as he remembered.

His name rolled of her lips in shock and disbelief; but then she smiled ...

It was his long-lost nymph.

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