The owners really had a lot of fun while creating a home from this charming stone house in the village of Pitve. Every part of Circe tells its story of life in which you are thrilled by the rural peace, traditional local architecture, rustic ambience and a jump in the pool with a magical view!

Cottage Features

Cottage Circe, a home for those who know how to enjoy the small pleasures of life, dates back to around 150 years ago and it was last renovated in 2014.

Circe is actually an entire complex where you can find everything you need for a high-quality vacation. Depending on how you want to treat your senses, you have at your disposal conceptually different units that complement each other perfectly. Their names vividly describe the function of each unit.

Jolly Corner - a courtyard seating area; capacity for 6 people.

Relaxation Area - accommodation capacity 6+2; consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one with a washing machine), a living room with a sofa (extra bed for 2 persons).

At Granny’s - accommodation capacity 2+2; consists of 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room (capacity for 4 persons) with a sofa (extra bed for 2 persons).

Kitchenette - a kitchen and dining room; capacity for 6 people.

Observatory - a terrace and seating area; capacity for 6 people.

Living Room in the Nature - a summer kitchen, fireplace and dining room + a swimming pool and sun deck; capacity for 12 people.

The living area is distributed on three floors, each the size of 40 m2, and there is also a kitchen the size of 12 m2. The outdoor area occupies 200 m2, while the pool covers 30 m2.


Until you make yourself comfortable and get acquainted with all the charms that Circe can offer you, Jolly Corner serves as a welcoming appetizer of all units. Surrounded by indigenous houses hundreds of years old, your well-deserved vacation begins in the courtyard of the cottage.

Start with relaxing yourself...

Relaxation Area covers two floors connected by an inner staircase. A bedroom, bathroom and a living room with a sofa (can serve as an extra bed for two) are located on the first floor, while two bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the second floor. All rooms have an exit to the balcony which offers a beautiful sea view. The accommodation capacity of Relaxation Area is 6+2. The bedrooms and the living room are air-conditioned. 

At Granny’s is a studio apartment which consists of a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a dining area with a sofa (another possible extra bed for two) that are connected into one unit. The accommodation capacity of the unit At Granny’s is 2+2 and the unit is air-conditioned. Note that in total Circe has three bathrooms, two with shower booths and one with a bathtub.

Kitchenette is a small kitchen and a dining room located in historically the oldest stone house of the Circe complex. A long time ago Kitchenette was the main area in which traditional Dalmatian delicacies were prepared, and today you can be the one to use it for the same, delicious purposes.

When you exit Kitchenette, you step out on the terrace where there is an old indigenous well which used to be the main water pumping site. Today it serves as a decoration and a sentimental reminder of the good old times. Even though the terrace offers a wonderful sea view, it carries the name Observatory because at night, it is precisely that terrace that allows you to enjoy the full gleam of the stars of the village of Pitve. If you experience a transcendental experience during the first night of your stay, the sorceress Circe is to blame.

We have reached the last unit. Living Room in the Nature is the outdoor area, namely a large landscaped courtyard of 200 m2 where you will most certainly spend most of your time during the summer months. If you are a gourmet, and you love to cook, you have at your disposal a rustic style summer kitchen which has all the modern appliances. There is also a wonderful fireplace. A large dining table for twelve is also located in the outdoor area. The kitchen and the dining area are roofed over.

Before or after the meal, therefore, the entire day and night, we warmly recommend taking a swim in the spacious pool and lounging in the sun while overlooking the sea. No matter if you intend to arrive to the island of Hvar in the company of your family, friends or someone else, the seductive and charming Circe will cheer you up, make you relax, recharge your batteries and send you back into the world feeling revitalized.

Truth be told, people love coming back to things that attract them. However, we will speak more about that next year.

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