This is not a love movie set, even though it may look like one. You’re not the leading stars in a glamorous movie, even though it may look like it. This is reality and you’re on vacation. An iron gate opens, you climb up a romantic staircase to the first floor, and you smile as if a loved one is waiting for you... 

Apartment Features

You arrive in the port of Hvar. The infinite blue of the sea that surrounds you is speckled with white boats while rays of sunshine gently touch your face and the mistral gives you a pleasant cool. In your first steps on Hvar ground, you realize how generous the Creator was while creating this place.

Once you pass the iron gate, you climb the stone stairs up to the villa which beguiles you at first sight with its appearance, the elegance of its lines, and its classical beauty – like an irresistible dame from times past. On the first floor of the villa, which boasts a Romeo and Juliet style balcony, your apartment Hemera awaits. You may as well feel truly fortunate.

Villa is a gated property with stone walls all around it. Just outside the gate there are steps that lead directly to sea. Built in 1873 and refurbished in 2016 this property was once named the most beautiful villa in Dalmatia, worthy of a visit by Franz Joseph I, the emperor of Austria, himself. It is a remarkable blend of times past with a hint of modernity, resulting in timeless beauty. The location is exquisite – only a 3-minute walk from the sea or the main Hvar square of Saint Stephen. 

Apartment Hemera covers 85m2. It is suited for those who prefer an urban, yet slightly antiquated atmosphere. Everything you need to fully enjoy the lightness of being in a Mediterranean town (restaurants, beaches, the harbor, sights) is only a few steps away, and yet you feel as comfortable as you would in your own home, truly connected to the natural beauties of Hvar. While you climb up to the entrance to the villa, your nostrils fill with the scents of orange and lemon trees and your eyes rest on the Mediterranean foliage scattered around the terrace gardens.

Once you enter the villa, you climb the spacious staircase, and you might even run into a friendly and discreet neighbor. At the very entrance to the apartment, you’ll be amazed by the completely refurbished anteroom with a high ceiling; the floors have a rich, warm color of wood. From there, you can proceed to the master bedroom, adequately located in the back of the house and equipped with a large matrimonial bed, wardrobes for all your things, and an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray and a toilet.

To keep a perfectly comfortable temperature during hot summer nights, the master bedroom (as well as the rest of the apartment) has air conditioning.

Apart from the master bedroom, apartment Hemera has a second bedroom with doors to the right near the entrance to the living room. The second bedroom has two single beds and wardrobes with large mirrors. What makes it most charming is the door that leads you to the balcony, pretending you’re Juliet, of course. Beware! Instead of looking for Romeo, your gaze may wander far, far away – this is, after all, one of the most beautiful views on Hvar!

Opposite the master bedroom, you’ll find the entrance to the most impressive part of the apartment – the spacious living room. Where to begin? All the beauty you see outside reflects in the interior as well, from the choice of Mediterranean colors (white and blue) to the clever blend of vintage and modern pieces of furniture, while the high ceilings complete this picture as a perfect passepartout, inviting peace and a comfortable cool. The beautiful arched windows will take your breath away and simply draw you towards the hypnotizing view of the azure sea with the islands of Pakleni scattered above it. You won’t want for modern reality either – the room has a large LCD TV, and opposite the windows, you’ll find the dining room with a table for six.

If you move to the right, you’ll find yourself in the kitchen: white, compact, with clean lines and surfaces. It has everything you need (appliances, a dishwasher), with a bonus view (through those gorgeous windows we’ve mentioned) of the gardens and their Zen greenery. Next to the kitchen, there is a small hallway that takes you to the garden or the second bathroom, also with a shower tray and a toilet.

The added value of staying at apartment Hemera is the large outside area that covers 200m2. Several terraces entail a lovely stone meditation room; a laundry room including a kitchenette with everything you may need for a delicious barbecue; a summer dining room; and a sundeck with chairs and an outside shower. This area gives you a feeling of complete privacy amidst the rich Mediterranean foliage whenever you wish to move away from the sparkling town life of Hvar. We wouldn’t be surprised if you decided to spend more time in the company of Hemera than at the beach.

Everything about Hemera serves Its Majesty Beauty. The point is pure hedonism, enjoying true luxury that this kind of accommodation provides at this kind of location.

Its Majesty Beauty might best be felt during the 2726 hours of sunshine, which the island of Hvar boasts. That’s when the colors and shapes, the tangible harmony of nature and architecture, the interior and the exterior, but also the intangible value – your memories of staying at apartment Hemera – come to life in its purest, most beautiful form.

Take our word for it, until you see for yourselves.

PS. Guests access the apartment through the main front door and communal staircase to the first floor. There is also a private entrance to the apartment from the garden and via a side door to the street. The property is basically located in the town center, one minute away from the harbour, the sea and beaches and three minutes from the main square, so public transport is not needed. However, if you happen to come to Hvar by car, parking can be secured on request.


1. The accommodation and facilities are exclusively for the use of our guests, and therefore owners do not allow "overnight visitors" and only visitors that have been prearranged with us beforehand can visit the apartment. 2. This beautiful building is occupied by other residents as well, and their cooperation allows us to rent the apartment. Playing of music loudly (disturbing others) and excessive noise (disturbing others) is not acceptable. 3. If the police are called to the apartment for any disturbance or breach of the peace, the guests will be required to leave the premises and the security deposit will be forfeited. 4. We wish our guests to enjoy their stay at the apartment, but also respect others in the house. A little basic consideration and common sense is required and the perfect holiday will be had by all. If potential guests feel these house rules are not within their acceptance, then please do not book.

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