We are certain this would be Apollo’s choice if he were looking for his small vacation residence. It is a place of intelligent and refined beauty, exempt of any excess, with perfectly regular and clear lines – yet also a place imbued with joy, warmth and closeness. Less is more, in the heart of Hvar town.

Apartment Features

First off, we have to congratulate you on your impeccable sense for beauty. Considering the fact that not everyone knows how to enjoy the unique beauty of minimalism, we are glad that you are one the rare lucky ones. Another reason to be happy is that you, as lucky as you are, have just found your perfect vacation spot.

All that is left to do is to reach the town of Hvar and the Church of Saint Stephen on the main square, the so called forska Pjaca. Once you have reached the church and the beginning of the square – on the right you will see a street that you need to enter and then you have to walk to the second street on the left. You will not be able to go right anyway – that side is filled with restaurants and small, charming town shops. After you turn left, a couple of meters on, on your left side, you will see a very nice façade. If you have some knowledge of art history and you love architecture, you will recognize the Gothic details.

You are located in front of the Palace Jakša (or Giaxia, Italian), built more than 500 years ago by a noble family of the same name. The palace is one of the oldest buildings in the town of Hvar, which is another plus on your list of reasons to be happy. Namely, not everyone can say that they spent their holidays in a space that is a part of the world’s valuable architectural heritage, i.e. in a place of special historic, architectural and artistic importance. That is the location of your beautiful apartment.

On the palace, next to the entrance door, you will see a sign that says "Bifora" (the sign of your apartment), which refers to the mullioned window that can be seen on the façade. Namely, in Italian the term bifora signifies a type of a stylized window vertically divided into two parts. This type of window is characteristic of Gothic architecture, and this window was the first of its type in the town of Hvar and one of the first in this area.

It is precisely through that mullioned window that you will see the magically beautiful roofs of the historic town core. We envy you because we love the view over the town’s roofs; there is something unusually relaxing, romantic and gentle about them.

We have stayed for too long in front of the entrance door – but, that is because of the façade, it is so beautiful that we find it hard to look away. Oh well. Once we enter the palace, there is a small lobby with stairs on the left that lead us to the first floor – on the right, you will find the door of your apartment.

The apartment was renovated in 2009 and is the size of 115m2. You enter a small anteroom followed by approximately fifteen stairs that lead you to the first floor of the apartment Apollo.

In front of you there is a spacious and bright open plan kitchen/dining room/living room. It is important to mention that the kitchen is right in front of you, but on a slightly lower level – as is the case with the first bedroom with a double bed and a bathroom with a shower tray.

On the right from the main area of the living/dining room are stairs that lead to the second floor, and on the left there is a glass door that lead you to a terrace the size of approximately 6m2.

The terrace is charmingly equipped with everything you need to have an enjoyable drink of your choice while overlooking the centuries old rooftops and high town palm trees that appear between the roofs as heads of some ruffled, confused giraffes. It is difficult to conjure up the beauty of the energy that overcomes you on such a small, but in reality such a big terrace. The entire universe fits into those few square meters and quietly shares with you its own, completely different story of Hvar.

Let us go back to the stairs located on the right. Approximately fifteen stairs lead you to the second floor of the apartment Apollo. You are still surrounded by roofs, only now they appear even higher and prouder. It seems as if they were hugging you while from the gallery - lounge area of the second floor - you enter another bathroom with a shower tray and two more bedrooms with double beds. All beds are matrimonial size 160 x 200.

The entire area is architecturally exuberant, and the endless game of straight lines and pure primary colors that govern the space give it additional charm.

This is where our short (but long) journey through the rooms of Apollo ends. We have travelled with the help of a time machine through history, but also the universe. That is precisely how we would describe the apartment – as a combination of charming antiquities and luxury of modern times. The apartment offers you both a sense of relaxation and adventure. It has many contrary features, but at the same time it is very harmonious.

The constellation in which you arrive is not important; whether you are spouses, friends, or lovers. Your zodiac sign is not important either. The only thing that is important is that you know to enjoy, appreciate and preserve the space that is in its ID card rightfully described as a Luxury Manor.

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