The beautiful Pollux, Castor’s double, resides in the heart of the equally beautiful historical part of Hvar. Pollux is proof that even if something comes in small sizes, it can be more than perfect. It will be an ideal fit for a pair of beauty admirers who prefer stylized spaces with a breath of city romance. 

Apartment Features

The only difference worth mentioning between apartment Pollux and its twin brother Castor pertains to the view – Castor offers a view which extends over centuries-old stone streets, while the view from Pollux follows the street stairs all the way to the sea and the city port in which a number of modern yachts and classic sailing boats play by pushing lightly against each other.

Pollux and Castor are located at the ground floor of a house originally built in 1612, i.e. during the Baroque period, when Venice exhibited a strong influence along the entire Adriatic coast. The house has been preserved as a heritage monument and is under the protection of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the Republic of Croatia. Furthermore, it was first owned by the well-known Stalio family, and later on by the Marchi family, one of the oldest Italian families that settled in Hvar. The renovation of both apartments took place from 2014 to 2015, in strict accordance with the afore-mentioned Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.  

The interior of Pollux covers the area of 40m2, with each square meter used in the best possible way and presented in an even better one.

The outside space is specific considering the fact that it is a street in front of the apartment – next to the front door there is a lovely table (with accompanying chairs) where you can take a seat and enjoy your morning coffee or a relaxing glass of wine while you, as true inhabitants of the Mediterranean - Dalmatia - the island of Hvar, soak up the flurry of the city in the morning, or the relaxing atmosphere of the night while passers-by simply sail past your ship (Oops, apartment!) on the old stone streets.

A large double door leads you from the street to the interior of the apartment. You first enter the soul of the apartment - a living room the size of 20m2. The living room offers a view overlooking the esplanade and the harbor that follows; it offers you the taste of living in a true Mediterranean old town. Apart from the living room, a corner kitchen is located in that same space, along with a dining table for two.  The room is air-conditioned.

All pieces of furniture, as well as carefully selected small details, create a lovely, pleasant space which makes you feel as if you have already been there. Everything is fine, you have not; it only reminds you of the warmth of your own home.

From the living room, across two stairs, a small hallway leads you on the right to a modern bathroom with a shower. That same hallway also leads you straight to the bedroom the size of 20m2. The bedroom has a double bed and a separate air-conditioning system.

If the living room is Pollux’s soul, then the bedroom is its heart. It is immersed in the world of relaxing beige, brown and grey colors, and filled with creative and gentle details. It also has a charming study corner and glass door - which contribute to a sense of spaciousness and airiness. We can only wish that you experience all the comfort of this (and that) world. There is only one thing that should be mentioned – each heart should be handled with goodness and softness – and Pollux’s heart is no exception.

Castor’s heart is no less gentle.

Take a look for yourselves if you do not believe us...

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