If this apartment were a woman, it would be the loveliest, most sophisticated and most elegant woman on Hvar. A woman that charms you instantly, a woman you want to be around to... Aphrodite is a luxury retreat for those who accept nothing other than the best.

Apartment Features

Let us tell you a short story about the lovely Aphrodite who has been living in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean towns for centuries.

The stone house, which apartment Aphrodite is part of, dates back to 1612 and it is a marvelous example of gothic architecture. This house, and its apartment Aphrodite, are today under the protection of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.

The house was renovated in 2009, and the apartment, which covers 90 square meters, was finished in 2014. The owners of the apartment have exquisite taste and they have told this unique Hvar story with a lot of effort, love and warm details.

Aphrodite is located on the raised ground floor of the stone house, in one of the picturesque streets of the old part of the town of Hvar. From one of the main streets you turn to a real Mediterranean lane filled with flowers, reaching the entrance to the apartment after a few old, beautiful stone steps. To the left of the entrance you can see a charming flower balcony that belongs to Aphrodite. After entering the apartment, you see a hallway dominated by a gorgeous antique bureau and bedroom doors to the left and to the right.

To the left is a room with blue details, a matrimonial bed (160x200) and an en suite bathroom. To the right of the hallway is the master bedroom with a larger matrimonial bed (180x200) and a spacious en suite bathroom. Both bathrooms are modern and minimalistic yet warm, equipped with a walk-in shower.

After returning to the hallway, we turn left to a fully equipped kitchen with all the appliances you may need; herbs in stylish pots give it a special personal touch. After the kitchen, we see a small lobby with a separate lavatory for guests.

From the lobby you enter the highlight of the apartment: a spacious yet harmonious room that joins a dining room for six with a lounge area. This room leads to a cute balcony (7 square meters) with a view of old town streets. The balcony is ideal for morning coffee or listening to the amusing stories of accidental passers-by. You will see it for yourself once you come to bask in the pleasurable Aphrodite.

Let us return for a moment to the dining/living room, the main room of the apartment, decorated with stylish custom-made Italian furniture, expensive antiques, and various details that the owners selected in secret locations that only they know, to complete this beautiful story. You will enjoy the personality of Aphrodite, special for details such as an old chest made into a coffee table or a marvelous chandelier above the dining table.

Aphrodite is a very elegant, attractive, pleasant lady. The sofa is very inviting, the wooden shelves call for exploring, and the bijou warm details such as hand-painted glass apothecary bottles from the turn of the century make Aphrodite more special than the rest.

The long and rich history of Aphrodite can be seen in the preserved manuscript on the dining room wall. Due to the attachment and love they feel towards old times, the present owners preserved the manuscript of the owners from 1911. The inscription is located in a small lit alcove next to the dining room table and it is one of the details that we find absolutely captivating. We believe that guests of Aphrodite will particularly appreciate the specific joy of staying in a space with a centuries old soul.

We consider apartment Aphrodite as an ideal place for two couples or a smaller family that wants to be close to the beach and in the center of town events - but have its special, hidden intimate oasis as well.

A touch of ancient, two pinches of modern, three spoonsful of relaxing colors; fabrics and materials you first want to gaze at then to enjoy touching... Aphrodite will beguile all your senses without asking for your permission.

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