She was a sea goddess who aided sailors in distress. Something about this villa reminds us of the absolute serene quality of a safe haven. We can imagine how we, as sailors while sailing on the sea of life, encounter Leucothea who shelters us from any kind of trouble in its beautiful refuge by the sea.

Villa Features

Leucothea was built in 2015. It is a beautiful stone house located on a huge estate with a private pool and a magical sea view. The estate is located in Grebišće Bay, which is right in the heart of the island of Hvar, 3 kilometres away from Jelsa, 11 kilometres away from Stari Grad, and 28 kilometres away from the town of Hvar.

When talking in numbers – the stone house is the size of 122 m2, the house plot covers the area of 6270 m2, the pool is the size of 30 m2, and the playful stone terraces that surround the house cover the area of 150 m2. The impressive estate, fantastically positioned only about a hundred meters away from a sandy beach, guarantees complete privacy. Namely, Leucothea is located in the nature, in a secluded area, but at the same time, it is only a four minute drive away from the nearest town of Jelsa, or a half an hour drive away from the main city of Hvar.

Leucothea is definitely one of our personal favourites when it comes to locations that enable a true vacation. The location of the estate is overflown with sunlight throughout the day, while a cool, light landward breeze caresses you and cools you down in the early afternoon. While staying in Leucothea, the very nature takes care of you and pampers you unceasingly.

With its modern interiors, rustic exteriors, and the fact that it is fantastically equipped with everything you might need, Leucothea guarantees you pleasure, 24/7, wherever on the estate you might be. 

The interior of the house consists of a space in which there are an open plan living room, a dining room and a kitchen; two bedrooms with two bathrooms, two smaller hallways, a laundry room and storage. The entire house is air-conditioned.

In the living room there is a comfortable couch that can be used as a bed for two (195cm x 160cm), two armchairs, a fireplace with a closed furnace, a large ambient LED smart TV, hi-fi, a guitar, and a piano with a special chair for it. In the dining room there is a table for six, and if necessary, it is possible to add two more chairs because the table can unfold. The kitchen is fully equipped and very functional.

The bedrooms are equipped with double beds – one the size of 200cm x 160cm, and the other the size of 200cm x 180cm. The bedrooms are also equipped with convenient custom-made cupboards. Next to each sleeping room there is a corresponding en-suite bathroom; one with shower, the other with bath tub. Each sleeping room is on one side of the house and the living room separates them. The larger bedroom has its own terrace, while the smaller bedroom has a small balcony. Both bedrooms and the living room offer an uncovered sea view.

The house has two porches and a number of comfortable smaller or larger stone terraces and areas for outdoor activities. A porch covers the cosy main terrace so that you could enjoy your meals in the fresh air infused with the smell of pines and sea salt. There is also a pool the size of 30m2, and the area is landscaped with natural pebbles, i.e. the area around the pool is designed as a fantastic place for sunbathing. On the outdoor terraces you will also find high quality wooden deck chairs, small armchairs and a swing made of exotic wood. A wonderful view extends from the estate to the sea, or, more accurately, to the small island of Zečevo, the beach Soline and the island of Brač.


You might choose to read on one of the terraces, relax in the pool, or enjoy the wine made of grapes harvested in the estate’s vineyard. You might choose to admire the view of heavenly sunsets, or listen to the melodious singing of birds at dawn. However, you might choose to simply rest your eyes on the green colour of the nature or the blue colour of the sea. On the terraces of Villa Leucothea, the blue and the green colour passionately intertwine and create new, surprisingly beautiful shades. You might choose to walk to the beach in front of the house, or maybe you will want to have a cocktail in the charming nearby beach bar. However, your choice might also be to take a somewhat longer walk to the city along the relaxing seafront.

Truth be told – it is not important what your choice will be. Whatever decision you make, it will definitely be the right one. You have to agree that there is only a handful of situations when we can say something similar. That is what makes Leucothea a truly unique place. You will hardly understand what we are talking about until you personally meet it; until it seduces you in its rooms and dazes you on its terraces.

If you are still not certain that Leucothea is the best choice – last of all we will share with you an information which will help you reach your decision a bit faster because we know how much you love beaches. Namely, as assessed by the portal Rough Guides, the Grebišće Bay, in which Villa Leucothea is located, belongs to the category of the top ten beaches in Croatia!

Are we now a bit closer to making the final decision?

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