Story says that Elpis, the spirit of Hope, is the only good god remaining among mankind... but we know that most of them fell in love and stayed on Hvar. Villa Elpis bears its name with good reason; this place is so enchantingly beautiful that you simply cannot lose your hope here.

Villa Features

What fascinates us about Villa Elpis is not only the perfect harmony of materials and colors, the impeccable, measured touch in all the details or the perfect location – only 10 meters from the Hvar cathedral of Saint Stephen – or the charming stone streets of one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean. What fascinates us about Elpis is the fine, warm vibration of welcome, which you can even feel by looking at photographs, only if you concentrate properly.

A slogan that would describe Elpis well would be – nothing lacking, nothing in excess.

Elpis found its location in the old town core, in an old stone semi-detached house more than 450 years old. After opening the front yard gate from the street, seven stairs take you to a long stone yard surrounded by Mediterranean foliage. In the yard, you’ll find a high table with six chairs.

The yard covers 18 m2, while the interior of the villa spreads over 115 m2.  

From the yard, the only door of the villa takes you to a spacious open-plan kitchen / dining / living room. The space is dominated by two stone walls and modern minimalist furniture of neutral tones. To the left, you find the door to the storage room, housing all the utensils, an ice machine, other kitchen appliances, and the washing machine. When you open the main door on the ground floor, you will have a feeling as if the yard is part of the living room and the living rooms is part of the yard.

Across the main door, there are twelve steps leading to the first floor. On the first floor, there are two double-bed bedrooms with their own bathrooms (with shower trays). The first bathroom is en-suite, and the other is located across the hallway from the other bedroom.

Ten steps lead you from the first to the second floor, that is, to the attic. There you’ll find a double-bed master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom (with a shower tray). The master bedroom has an exit to a terrace covering 7 m2. The terrace offers a view of the old town core and the roofs of neighboring houses on one side, and the cathedral and nearby hills on the other. The terrace has a deck chair, a table, and two chairs. You can also see our favorite town palm tree from there – hope other palm trees in the town of Hvar won’t mind us saying this.

Just a note – the indoor staircase that runs from the ground floor to the first and second floor is somewhat steep – it has a glass baluster and a handle made of stainless steel on the wall; the hallway and the staircase are also well-lit.

All the bedrooms were custom-made, in relaxing monochromatic hues, and all the furniture in the ground floor is designer. The ground floor also has central heating (which you won’t be needing in the summer, but you might need it in the winter), and the villa has a total of four AC devices (for heating/cooling). Villa Elpis has insulated glass so you can not hear the noise from outside even though you are in the center of town.

Also, parking can often be a hassle when you're in the town center – but it won’t be for you, since you’ll have free parking arranged at the nearby parking lot.

We can conclude this story of Elpis or the spirit of hope with its optimism (just as its name says), warm, yet moderate and well-dosed, just about right in every aspect. Because we know that hope is a wonderful thing, but you have to be moderate about it as well. Every family or a group of friends can enjoy the gift of hope with Elpis – only if they can appreciate nice things and treat them with respect.

In this case, we don’t need to be optimists to know that a good outcome is guaranteed.

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