Lovely villa Bia is in the second row to the sea, with a swimming pool surrounded by nature's green bounty. A perfect place for an even more perfect and relaxing vacation; smell of the sea, twitter of the birds, sunbathing on the terrace and relaxing by the pool in the company of Mediterranean flora.

Villa Features

Villa Bia is located in the astonishing, green part of Jelsa called Vitarnja; just a minute away by foot from the closest beach, thirty minutes drive from the town of Hvar and ten minutes drive from the town of Stari Grad.

Bia was built in the 1970 and was renovated in 2013. It is a property of 200m2 interior with 300m2 exterior.

House itself consists of a ground floor and first floor with balcony plus the additional detached balcony above the first floor.

Ground floor has three bedrooms, two bathrooms with shower units, a kitchen and a spacious living room / dining room area.

On the first floor there is one two-bed bedroom with bathroom (shower unit) and a balcony. Three out of four bedrooms have double beds and one has separate single beds. Inside living room there is an open fireplace and extra sofa that can be used as a two-person bed. Villa has also a utility room with washer and dryer.

Large terrace spreads in front of the ground floor and beautiful garden surrounds the entire house. A few steps lead from the front of the house to the swimming pool surrounded by a grassy lawn and a beautiful Mediterranean garden.

In the villa basement there is a wine boutique with excellent selection of quality wines.

Villa has a private parking lot for 3 cars. 

Bia has perfectly stylized interiors and exteriors and attention to the tiniest detail is obvious in the décor. All spaces of villa Bia are luxurious but the house was able to keep its warmth. Its soft shapes, wonderful colors and fine fabrics are all in the role of making you feel complete comfort - making you feel like home.

Almost like you already enjoyed your time there in the past life and the feelings were so strong you had to come back once more.

Love at First Sight

Many a restless yet hopeful years had gone by until that child was born. As soon as you’d lay your eyes on her it was clear she was different from all the other children. She had sparks instead of eyes, fiery hair, and long, skinny little legs that were always running around. She was a very bright child. She memorized with ease everything she ever saw or heard. She had a big, open hart for everything and everybody; she loved people, animals, plants, and all of them with same intensity and with playful charm.

That endless curiosity of hers had to be carefully watched since it could lead her to various places – to the street, to some remote park, to the neighbor’s house or even to some strangers place. Nothing could keep her in one place for long enough and because of that she was a source of great joy and constant worries to her parents at the same time.

It was like that up until her family decided to spend their vacation in the house near the sea. Things were different there.

Bia was able to sit on the beach for hours each morning just watching the waves breaking on the shore. It had a hypnotizing effect on her. After wave watching she would switch her attention to the tiny creatures in the marine reef. Tiny creatures would periodically leave the holes in the rocks just so they can crawl back in and that just amazed her. It was only later she found out those creatures were crabs. In the early evening she would return to her cozy chair on the terrace and while lying down she would observe clouds shifting in the sky. Lying like that she would greet the night and redirect her attention to the bright stars above ...

Her parents were shocked. After just three days there Bia asked them why they never told her how the fairy tales they’d been reading her are real; why they never told her those scenes in her bedtime stories actually exist.

She solemnly declared she would never leave this magical place. Ever.

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