Let us introduce you to a very playful vacation option. This is what a place made for adults who are still children in their hearts looks like. It has absolutely everything you need to forget that you ever celebrated any birthday beyond your sixteenth one. It also has a pool and a beautiful beach nearby.

Villa Features

You have exited the tunnel, and in front of you there is a view that extends over the endless azure and small green islands that occasionally emerge from it. Follow the road and the sign which says Zavala. Naturally, you are true adventurers in search of a true vacation that includes the sun, sea and pine trees. Therefore, you do not stop in Zavala, you go further and follow the sign that says Gromin Dolac. From the village of Zavala to the small village of Gromin Dolac you will have to travel across approximately three kilometers of macadam road, for which you will not need an SUV, a simple car will do just fine.

Villa Artemis is located at the beginning of the village of Gromin Dolac. It is not that easy to find it, which is why we will have someone waiting for you at your arrival. Villa Artemis is a stone house that has a ground floor, a first floor and a second floor. It was built in 2015, i.e. it is a completely new house, but it was built in the traditional Mediterranean style. Materials that prevail in the exterior and the interior are stone and wood.

The villa covers 90m2 of living space that is distributed over two floors. It also has a ground floor the size of 35m2. The ground floor has a gym with a sauna and a bathroom.

The garden plot, i.e. the exterior of Villa Artemis, covers the area of approximately 600m2. On the right side of the house there are two parking spaces, and a large, multi-purpose stone fireplace built precisely for gourmands – it consists of two parts, one is a fireplace and the other is a bread oven. It would be nice to prepare something tasty in the bread oven; or to have someone with a greater skill prepare it for you. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice; we know who could do it. After you finish with your delicious and healthy Mediterranean meal, right across the fireplace you will see a covered area, i.e. a beautiful wooden porch with tiles beneath which there is a massive outdoor dining table for twelve. That means that your friends are also welcome to join the gastronomic feast!

Let us go to the villa. As we have already mentioned, the ground floor has an area where you can keep your body fit – there is a gym, sauna, and a bathroom with a shower tray. In front of the gym there is a nice terrace covered with wood. There you can play basketball or darts, everything you need is at hand. If you do not like running or playing darts, you can have some fun in the garden – organic vegetables are just waiting to be picked, washed and sliced so they could be served as a salad with the already mentioned healthy Mediterranean meals.

From the lowest terrace, with the help of a few stairs, you reach the first floor and a spacious terrace where you choose whether you will enter an open plan kitchen/dining room/living room area through the left or right doors. The kitchen is blue, and it irresistibly evokes the memory of the most beautiful kitchen that my Barbie doll had. Naturally, it is fully equipped. At the level of the first floor you’ll find the first bedroom with a double bed. Across the bedroom there is a bathroom with a shower tray.

Approximately fifteen stairs lead us from the first floor to the second floor where, at the end of the stairs, you go right to enter the second bedroom with a double bed and an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray. On the left there is a third bathroom with a massage bathtub and a third bedroom with a double bed. From both bedrooms located on this floor you can access a large, shared balcony that offers you a breathtaking view of the luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation and the marine infinity. It is an absolutely wonderful sight.

If we go back to the first floor and enter the terrace that led us into the villa, and then go approximately ten meters further, we will reach the pool area. The pool is the size of 34m2; the area is equipped with a rattan sofa for six and deck chairs. Behind the pool there is an awning that can be drawn out if you get bored of the sun and wish to lounge in the shade.

Villa Artemis does not lack in "intriguing" details. We suppose that a mega egg located in the living room is there for you to wonder what came first – the chicken or the egg? It is logical that after such a question you wander to the second floor and inspect the stars with the help of a telescope located on the balcony. They are the ones hiding all the answers. However, if you do not manage to find your answer, head down to that barrel at the foot of the stairs that lead from the second floor to the first and select your wine. We suggest you select some red wine from the south. (Do not forget that it has to be paid for.) Once you are done with the wine – and you still do not have an answer, even though at some point you did have it in sight – maybe the best thing to do is to take a walk to the pool area. Those who give up on the search for an answer should just throw themselves in the pool.

For those of you who are persistent, we have another suggestion – you should open the wonderful well located next to the pool, fill the bucket with cold water, and pour it over yourselves. We swear, if you do not think of an answer then, you never will.

Anyway, there might be no answer. Just give up and enjoy the given view. You are the lucky ones. The view from villa Artemis is enchanting, as are the smells and colors of intact nature that are so characteristic of the south side of the island of Hvar. Heavenly beaches are only a few minutes’ walk away from your villa. Who needs anything more – is this not the meaning behind it all, right here, right now, exactly the way it is?

P.S. Those of you who decided to throw themselves in the pool after the search for meaning – we assume you will wish for something more than Gromin Dolac and its natural charms. The town of Jelsa, which offers you a bit more when it comes to night life, is cca 12 kilometers away, and the town of Hvar, which offers you even more when it comes to night life, is approximately 40 kilometers away. The town of Stari Grad is somewhere in the middle.

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