There is just something about Aloadae. Maybe it is the stone ramparts that surround the property? The pool surrounded by olive trees? Two stone houses surrounded by greenery and beautiful terraces? Not sure why, but here you will feel as if you were in your own private castle, in your own fairy-tale. 

Villa Features

We cannot say with certainty whether this villa enraptures us more with the beautiful exterior filled with Mediterranean greenery, relaxing porch, beguiling interweaving of stone and wood, or maybe we love it for the charming rooms connected by interesting staircases and a maze of passageways which encourage our childlike desires for wandering and exploring beautiful areas. 

When to all of the above you add the charm of the small village of Rudine where the villa is located, just two kilometers from the town of Stari Grad, and the charm of the bay that lies on a fifteen-minute walk through a century-old shade – you get the location of the villa that offers a magnificent blend of nature and the proximity of the town.

Relaxation is a must here. The owners, urban intellectuals and cosmopolitans, bought Villa Aloadae in 2004 and renovated it completely. They say it was precisely this property that perfectly brought them closer to their imagined idea of complete relaxation.  

The villa consists of two attached stone houses where only the outside part, which is intended for associating and which has a large pool surrounded by an abundance of plants, occupies around 200 m2 and is located in front of the main house.

The main, larger house comprises roughly 200 square meters of living space and can sleep 10 people; 4 of the bedrooms have queen-size beds and 1 bedroom has 2 single beds. The small house is covering cca 80 square meters and overlooks a lovely and quite village square; it sleeps 4 in 2 bedrooms and has an extra bedroom with baby bed.

You will be enraptured by the size of this “living room out in the open” where there is also a covered porch with a couple of beds ideal for lazy summer afternoons, along with a large table for eight people where friends can gather to eat. An additional table with four chairs is conveniently located between both houses and serves more as a morning coffee invitation.

The main house can be entered through double doors, which lead directly to the living room with a cozy corner set and an LCD TV, which gleams in the sun. Next to the living room is a modern sparkling orange kitchen in the Italian style, followed by a dining room with another large table for eight and an exit to the terrace where the already mentioned additional outdoor table is located. Another (basically main) entrance to the main house is also located there, along with the opposite side entrance to the house across the courtyard – we will give more details about that house later. On the ground-floor there is also a separate toilet.

We reach the first floor of the main house by stairs leading from the living room, although the outer stairs that evoke the wonderful time gone by give the property additional charm. On the first floor, immediately on the right, there is a room with two twin beds, while on the left there is a room with a double bed and a sun-filled bathroom with a walk-in shower and courtyard view.

The stairs further lead us to the second floor where there is a view in all directions on the green courtyard with a pool, and where probably the property’s most romantic room with a private bathroom with a shower and an access to the balcony found its place under the beamed hip-roof. If you do not already believe in fairy-tales, you now certainly will.

There are two more rooms on the ground-floor and the courtyard connects them with the main house – you can enter them through a separate door on the right side of the courtyard. A wonderful surprise of this stone beauty awaits for us there. As soon as we enter the hallway, we see the first bedroom with a magnificent stone gutter, while on the right there is the other bedroom with a double bed and a study corner. These two rooms have a shared bathroom with a massage bathtub, and they also share the same style which is a pleasant combination of stone, wooden beams and royally comfortable beds.

The second unit is a small house which is only a couple of steps away from the front door of the villa across a small endearing square with an obsolete well. When we climb the outer stairs to reach the first floor, we enter the living area with a spacious sofa and a dining table for four.

On that same floor there is one other kitchen which is smaller, but fully functional for the culinary enthusiasts who want more than a barbecue or a large kitchen. There is also a separate bedroom with a French bed and its own toilet.

By climbing more stairs, we reach the second floor of the small house where we see a large hallway with doors on the left. The doors lead to the highest terrace where you can have a private, unhindered conversation while enjoying a bit of sea views. Two more endearing bedrooms with hip-roofs and a shared bathroom with a shower cabin are located on the right. A children’s bed is in one room and a French bed is in the other.

The small house is stylistically fully coordinated with the main house, just as the entire Villa Aloadae fits perfectly in the Mediterranean, untouched ambience of the village of Rudine. Both houses are built from the same natural materials that surround them and the minimalism that reigns over soothes the property – while at the same time some beams, wood or stone cheer the property up in no time. The scenery is suitable for Oscar-winning holidays.

As in any real castle, in Villa Aloadae nothing is monotonous; the rooms are scattered around the property and hidden, which guarantees the privacy of a larger group of friends, couples or even a number of families. We would recommend Aloadae to larger groups of people with different rhythms, as well as to everyone who knows how to relax, literally – whether they want to hang out by the pool, relax with a book or lightly, from one foot to another, walk to the beach.

Be sure to allow yourself to go astray – you can come across wonderful rustic details in the surroundings of glorious nature and silence. Namely, silence is the absolute sovereign here, even during the worst summer throngs on the island.

Ultimately, why would you not have your own summer fairy-tale to share?

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