No name would suit this pretty apartment better than the one of sea nymph Thetis. You’ll see why that is so once you leave your suitcases in the anteroom, enter the living room, and see why lies before you. If you’ve ever doubted there was such a thing as heaven on Earth – this sight will leave little doubt. 

Apartment Features

Apartment Thetis is located on the second (and last) floor of a stone house by the sea in the elite part of the town of Hvar.

The house was built in 1937, and today it is divided among three owners. That is why the guests of apartment Thetis have a private parking on the ground floor of the house; however, the apartment is not entered through the main door of the property from the main street, but from a staircase (about 50 stairs) on the left side of the house (30 meters distance), leading to the upper street and private entrance to the apartment Thetis. We kindly ask you to respect this so the tenants of the ground floor would not be disturbed, and we thank you in advance. For the same reason each loud noise is from 11 p.m. till 6 a.m. strictly forbidden, and in case this rule is not respected, the owner will be forced to ask you to leave Thetis. Thank you for understanding.

The house has kept is fine civil dash of times that have unfortunately passed. It is located by the sea, with only a little road in between. The sea in front of the house is of perfect quality, and the location is excellent for swimming; distance to the first town pebble beach is 150 meters, the second pebble beach is 900 meters away, in Pokonji Dol. Distance to the town center is 800 meters.

Attractive and comfortable Thetis covers 81m2. There are about 15 stairs from the entrance to the estate to the entrance to the apartment. You’ll enter the anteroom with a large mirror on the left – yes, yes, you are gorgeous, but don’t spend too much time looking at yourself since there’s an even better view ahead.

To the right, you’ll find the entrance to the first and smallest bedroom with a French bed the width of 1.40 m. In front of you, you’ll see the entrance to the master bedroom with a matrimonial bed the width of 1.60 m, an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray, and a sliding glass door leading to the balcony that covers 8.5m2.

The view from this bedroom is such that we don’t recommend making love during the day lest your sensitive partners become upset once they realize how distracted you are with the azure frontier before you. Oh yes, let's not forget that the piano is in this sleeping room as well.

Let’s go back to the hallway; the situation is much tamer there.

To the left, there is a door to the second bathroom with a shower tray and the door to the third bedroom with a matrimonial bed the width of 1.60m. Next to the door of the master bedroom, you’ll find the entrance to the central room of apartment Thetis, the living room with a kitchen and a dining room. This room is particularly appealing for several reasons. The ceiling has original wooden beams, and parts of the wall were left in its raw, cold stone form, which adds personality to the space, a dash of romance, and warmth despite the modern, minimalist interior. The black and powerful Scavolini kitchen has excellent equipment, and the dining table can take six people.

This space also has a sliding glass door that leads to a crescent-shaped balcony the size of 6m2. Words fail to describe it, but we can truly say that this is one of the most beautiful scenes you can experience in the town of Hvar. At moments, you’ll think you see a boat; at times, you’ll feel as if you were a fish swimming between two trenches, and at others, as if you were a captain, or maybe a marathoner… and finally, you’ll feel lucky just being where you are.

All rooms have LCD SAT TV sets and air conditioning systems. All bathrooms have floor heating (not that you need it during summer, but in case you want to drop by in the winter), and apart from shelves in each room, there are shelves under every bed - Thetis does not have a classical wardrobe.

Now that we’ve taken a tour of the apartment, let’s go outside and take a look of the terrace - a relaxing chill zone dominated by fine white stone, wood and massive corner outdoor sofa will relax even those with the greatest stress. Enjoy.

Thetis is ideal for everyone. Parents, children, lovers, friends, enemies, frenemies, grandparents or grandchildren. If you have any questions about why you should come or why you should come to Thetis – we’re at your service.

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