It would be a true tragedy  1. not to see that view of the Pakleni Islands while making breakfast;  2. not to live to see that a view from the living room is finally more interesting than the TV program;  3. not to be in the company of Metis during sunset. 

Apartment Features

We’ve included Metis into the Villas Hvar collections for several valid reasons: it’s minimalist interior offers a comfortable stay; it is spacious enough to allow you to hide from other tenants in clandestine corners at any moment, and – most importantly – it offers a fabulous view and a terrific location in terms of beaches and the town center.

The view of the Pakleni Archipelago is fascinating at every moment of the day and in every weather, while being located only a few-minute walk away from the beach and a ten-minute walk away from the center makes Metis a very desirable vacation spot. We need to add that this part of town (Majerovica) is one of the lovelier town locations, along with the Old Town.

Apartment Metis is situated on the second floor of a family house as a completely separate rental unit. It was built in 1978, reconstructed in 2007. The interior spreads over 95m2, and the exterior (terrace + balcony) over 25m2. Since it is located on a cascade terrain, looking from the road, it is situated on the first floor – about 15 stairs take you from the back terrace and the parking lot to the entrance to the apartment.

After you open the door of the apartment, you’ll see a hallway; to the right, you’ll see the entrance to a bedroom with a small wardrobe anteroom, a matrimonial bed, and an en-suite bathroom with a bathtub. This room has its own balcony with a view of the sea.

From the hallway to the left, you enter a bedroom with two separate beds joined into a matrimonial bed and an en-suite bathroom with a shower tray. Further down the hallway, the next door to the left leads to a small storage, where you’ll find everything you may be missing in the apartment. If something is not there, you’ll be sure to get it after contacting the professional, serious, and dedicated owner.

Back to the hallway. A wooden-glass door separates you from the rest of the apartment. The good thing is that you can isolate yourself both physically and auditorily. Behind the door, there is the other part of the hallway that leads to the wardrobe anteroom and master bedroom with a matrimonial bed and an en-suite bathroom with a Jacuzzi. The master bedroom exits to the main balcony, the one that encircles the apartment.  If we go back to the hallway – to the right, you’ll find a door to the kitchen and dining room, which leads to the spacious living room. These two areas can also be separated with a glass-wooden sliding door, if necessary; the kitchen also has an extra exit to the balcony.

The dining room/living room area is separated from the spacious terrace with a long glass wall, so regardless of whether the terrace door is open or not, you feel as if you’re outside all the time, looking at the unforgettable blues of the sea and the sky, the Pakleni Islands and Vis somewhere further away.

There are some things we particularly like about the apartment. The charming and warm glass-wooden white door. The geometric lines of Metis. We also like the massive, gorgeous stone fencing the terrace, which both separates you and brings you closer to the view that lies before you once you sit in the terrace armchair or the living room sofa. You can’t see the neighbouring houses from where you’re sitting – you can’t see anything that may defuse the perfection of the visual moment – you can see nothing but majestic nature, and there is nothing more beautiful than that.

Apartment Metis has basic furnishing, with minimal interventions in the interior. The owners made an architectural play on certain segments of the space and colours, so the kitchen equipment is in the impressive and strong shade of blue, which blends surprisingly seamlessly with the far horizon, while each of the rooms are themed in different colours. There are many mirrors in the apartment, which mirror not only yourself but also the most beautiful of scenery.

Metis has an interesting trait – it offers details that may seem invisible at first, but all the more beautiful once you discover them. The wise do know that the journey is more important than the goal.

Relax, enjoy your trip.

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