There is a lot of talk about sustainability. Zero carbon emission travels, bringing back to community, ESG compliance... in today's world, challenges we face make it harder to enjoy some things guilt-free. Things like, travels, vacations, adventures, even passions. Can we remedy that? Can we enjoy those simple things in life, and bring something back to community? We believe we can, and here's how.

hvar bay

Travel mindfully.

We covered this topic in one of the previous blog posts, but it's worth repeating. Mindful travel means just slowing down. You don't need to get to your desired location as soon as possible – you're on vacation, after all, where's the hurry? You can walk, cycle, explore... And travel mindfully means switching off, and immersing yourself in rythm and vibe of the place you're visiting. Travel mindfully also means being respectful to the place you're visiting, to it's customs and traditions. And don't take more than you need – in every sense of the word. Don't take too much stuff, and don't leave too much behind. Ideally, we leave only with memories and full hearts, and we give back by promoting and supporting good causes, sustainable businesses and environment-friendly initiatives.


Travel sustainably.

There are options for sustainable travel: flights with net-zero emissions, for example. There are companies that try to remedy their environmental impact. But also, in choosing your holiday providers, it's a good idea to check what is it they do (if they actually do something), that promotes environment and sustainability. Not to brag, but this is something we actually do: at the end of every season, we plant a tree for every Villas Hvar guest during the season. It's been our tradition since Villas Hvar begin its journey 10 years ago, and we plan to continue with this practice. There are many reasons for doing so: we want to leave something behind, something that our children and grandchildren will enjoy, and we want to make Hvar a better place.


Travel supportively.

Support small, local businesses. Locally oriented businesses do much for community, since they have strong roots in it. That means that people will stay in the community long after the tourist season ends, and that they will try to build something for their children. We try to do business in this exact way: cooperating with local farms, local service providers, and local restaurants and bars. This is our way of making better this small island that is our home.