...a few things to keep in mind

You've gone through a lot to get here.

You've worked all year, balancing your job requirements, your family, your friends, and thousand of other things that make up life. You've searched for that perfect holiday location (and luckily, ended up with us), you've chosen your villa, travelled to reach the island...

Now may be the perfect time to try to relax and to train a little that long-desired awareness (that everyone is talking about), so you can "charge your batteries" for the autumn challenges that would surely come.


Hvar island could be the right place to start practicing a mindful approach to life and here are some ideas how to do that.

1. Switch off.

As much as you can, just switch off. Leave the news cycle, leave Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Stop the mindless scrolling – at least for a day (and then see what happens). You'll be amazed at how much better everything is – and how much of Hvar you'll actually be able to take in.


2. Keep your eyes, ears (and heart) open.

Yes, we absolutely adore Hvar. Being born and raised here, we think it's the most beautiful place on Earth, so we may be a bit subjective here, but Hvar has so much to show you – if you just allow yourself to see it and feel it.

There is a palpable sense of eons of history embedded in every corner of Hvar. There is nature with sights, sounds and smells like no other. There are hidden groves, beaches and pathways all over Hvar that will allow you to just relax. And breathe.


3. Slow down.

Hvar is huge, and there's just no way you'll be able to see and experience everything. So instead of packing a different location day in-day out, and trying to experience absolutely everything at once, just decide what you really, really like to do. And do just that one thing. Slow down – you'll be able to experience more, and to maybe meet someone new.


4. Walk.

Walk around, explore, just let your feet take you somewhere new. Just walk, keep walking and allow yourself the simple pleasure of an empty head. There is a reason why all the brilliant people take daily walks – and Hvar really offers a lot to see.


5. Be grateful.

You are here, in this tiny peace of beauty. And there are countless things to experience and discover – maybe it's time for the simple pleasure of gratefulness.


6. Look up.

Hvar sky will turn everyone into a romantic, a poet, or a dreamer. If you manage to wake up early, sunrises are something not to miss. Sunsets will take your breath away, and night skies will turn you to exploring stars and galaxies.


7. Try something new.

Why not? Make this vacation a memorable time, and try something you haven't tried before – a new wine, a new place, a new sport...

We can help you organize a more mindful holiday, just contact us with your travel plans.